Film, Video, Animation and New Genres Department

The Department of Film, Video, Animation and New Genres is committed to transforming students into expressive filmmakers with fully immersive creative time-based and cinematic arts programs.

With a dual focus on both the theoretical and practical worlds of filmmaking, our programs provide students with the flexibility to explore all aspects of the industry. That’s just one of the reasons our department has been recognized as one of Variety’s “Best Film Schools.”

Undergraduate Programs
Alex Torinus and Lilly Warren,

Graduate Programs
Mike Gibisser,

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Joining the Peck School of the Arts Department of Film, Video, Animation & New Genres is not merely a choice of education—it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a community of innovative storytellers and artists. Here, you will cultivate your creative potential and develop the skills necessary to thrive in the professional realm.

Our commitment to fostering impactful relationships sets us apart. Our artist faculty, dedicated staff, fellow creatives, and the wider arts community will become your collaborators and mentors. These connections are an integral part of your education, equipping you with a network of industry professionals that will bolster your career.

Located in Milwaukee, our department provides unparalleled access to the region’s vibrant creative economy. As a student, you’ll have exclusive opportunities to intern and collaborate with leading arts organizations and dynamic creative agencies in Wisconsin and beyond.

Within our department, every space is thoughtfully designed to fuel your artistic journey. Our studios, cinemas and screening rooms serve as the perfect incubators for your creative process, and you have access to unique resources, such as the equipment room and cinema archive, tailored specifically for you.

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