Suzuki and Pre-College 
Fall, Spring & Summer Sessions5–18Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts, Room

The Suzuki & Pre-College Guitar Program offers comprehensive instruction for all skill levels with unique access to university resources and a close relationship with UWM’s highly regarded Guitar Program, including concerts and master classes with distinguished visiting artists. Lessons and performance opportunities provide a solid foundation in classical guitar while equipping students with the basic skills to be versatile in any style.


The Suzuki & Pre-College Guitar Programs are designed to match your child’s age, educational needs and level of playing. 

Students learn through a combination of weekly individual lessons and group classes and periodic solo and ensemble recitals. Individual lessons are scheduled during the week. Saturday Group classes are organized by level of playing, age, and sight-reading skills. Ensemble playing is a significant aspect of these classes providing lifelong skills such as teamwork and cooperation. 

Finding a best fit.
Read the descriptions below to learn more about each of our quality programs. Not sure where to begin? Email us with any questions and to find the right fit for your young musician.

Suzuki & Guitar Fundamentals

Suzuki Guitar

Beginning students enroll in our Suzuki Guitar Program, the only one of its kind in Southeastern Wisconsin, or in Guitar Fundamentals, a small weekly group class designed as an introduction to the guitar and the study of music. Guitar Fundamentals prepares children for private guitar instruction in our Suzuki program.

Students may enter the Suzuki Guitar program beginning at age 5. The Suzuki “Talent Education” method is based on the principle that all children can learn multiple skills in the same natural way that they learn to speak their native language. Just as children learn to speak before they read, Suzuki students learn to listen and produce sounds on their instruments before reading music. Reading music comes only after basic technical skills have been mastered.

Suzuki students progress through a developmentally sequenced repertoire. Students maintain their repertoire through continuous review, just as children retain all the first words in their language vocabulary. They do this by practicing and by listening to a variety of music daily, including recordings of their current repertoire. This process builds musicianship as well as memory, technique, aural skills, stamina, and confidence.

Parental involvement is essential for the success and development of youngsters in the Suzuki program. Parents are required to be present at weekly private lessons and group classes, taking an active part in the learning process. Learn more about the Suzuki method.

Pre-College & College Preparatory

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The Pre-College Program offers high-caliber instruction, performance opportunities, and artistic mentoring in one comprehensive curriculum. This designed to provide broad guitar instruction to children aged 11-18 of all skill levels. The emphasis is on the development of technique, musicianship, and strong sight reading skills. Our goal is to equip the guitarist with the necessary tools he or she needs to perform in a variety of situations, both solo and ensemble.

The accelerated College Preparatory Program is ideal for students anticipating pursuing a career in music. College prep students participate fully in the activities of UWM’s Guitar Program as they become acquainted with major pedagogical schools and expand their knowledge of the instrument repertoire. Students interested in participating in the college preparatory program should contact us to arrange an audition.


Elina Chekan Headshot
  • Lecturer, Classical Guitar
  • Director, Suzuki Guitar
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  • Music Coach, Suzuki Guitar


Registration includes 15 individual lessons and 10 weekly group classes for a full semester. Cost includes a non-refundable $40 deposit. It does not cover music or books, although some instructional materials will be provided.

30 minute private lessons and group classes$595
45 minute private lessons and group classes$775
60 minute private lessons and group classes$955
Guitar fundamentals (without private lessons)$250*
Enrollment is ongoing. Fees pro-rated for late registration.
*Subject to availability. Please reach out to confirm program offering prior to registration.