Led by artist faculty who are experts in their field, our Art & Design studio disciplines provide focus to your creative research, practice and degree.

We offer courses and facilities in the following studio disciplines: Ceramics, Creative Technologies, Design, Digital Fabrication, Fibers, Jewelry & Metalsmithing, Painting & Drawing, Photography & Imaging, Printmaking & Book Arts and Sculpture.

Areas of Concentration

Gain technical and conceptual experience with a range of approaches, from sculptural to functional, and nontraditional to traditional.
Creative Technologies
Leverage the study and use of digital technologies in direct relation to visual art to create new forms of artistic expression.
Gain the skillsets required to actively participate in visual culture, commerce, and communication through the study of graphic design and design methodologies.
Digital Fabrication
Blend traditional hand crafted artistry with cutting edge technology to imagine and create new and innovative objects.
Develop an understanding and appreciation of fibers and its visual language, while learning traditional processes and contemporary applications
Jewelry and Metalsmithing
In development of metal objects and wearables, we focus on qualities unique to Metalsmithing as a craft practice.
UWM Painting and Drawing Studio
Gain formal and technical skills in painting and drawing, balanced with conceptual and material exploration.
Photography and Imaging
Build a conceptual fine art practice through the production of darkroom, digital, and hybrid work within the photographic medium.
Printmaking and Book Arts
Explore historical and contemporary applications of fine art printmaking, focusing on how the medium communicates in the context of structure and presentation.
Study materials and fabrication techniques necessary to cross boundaries and innovate in object-making, installation, performance, site-work, time-based art, and digital forms.