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Academic advising is an important aspect of long-term academic success. At the Peck School of the Arts, we offer professional advising in the undergraduate disciplines of art, dance, film, music and theatre.

Academic advising is a collaborative process that empowers students to realize their maximum educational potential. Our mission is to provide quality academic advising in an environment that fosters honesty and respect. We challenge and support students to engage in critical thinking about academic decisions, meaningful discussion about personal values and goals, identification of strengths and challenges, and reflection about academic/social behaviors as they relate to the student’s overall success at the university.

Meet with an Academic Advisor

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Our advisors provide students with individualized appointments to assist them with degree requirements, majors, course selection, campus resources, college success strategies, graduation assessment, academic policies and more.

Plan to meet with your advisor prior to each semester’s registration period. Spring semester registration begins in November and fall/summer registration begins in April.

Peck School of the Arts Academic Advisors

Louis Molina
Advisor, Seniors (90+ credits) Last Names A-G, PBACC, Minors
Rebecca Reece
Advisor, Last Names A-G
Shelly Bednar
Advisor, Last Names H-N
Amanda Platt
Advisor, Last Names O-Z

Advising Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need academic advising?

All students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor regularly throughout their academic careers, with a minimum of one meeting per semester.

The following groups of students have mandatory academic advising

  • New freshmen: Must meet with their advisor for a mandatory conference during the mid-point of their first semester.
  • Academic Probation: All students on academic probation (cumulative GPA below 2.0) must meet with an advisor more than once per semester to monitor progress. If the student is within the first four semesters of enrollment at UWM, the student will also be assigned a First Year Probation hold. Prior to course registration the student must schedule an appointment with their advisor to remove the hold.
  • Re-entry after one-semester or four-semester drop: Students who were academically dropped but are now eligible for re-entry must meet with an advisor to remove academic holds preventing registration. Students who been dropped and have not attended UWM for one or more semesters must also re-apply to UWM prior to meeting with their advisor.
I am a new incoming freshman. How do I register for courses?

All incoming freshman must register for New Student Orientation (NSO) and complete the Admitted Students Checklist. You will register for courses at orientation.

What is New Student Orientation (NSO) and how do I attend?

New Student Orientation (NSO) is a required experience for all incoming students to introduce you to the UWM campus, as well as to other new students and families. More information about the general university portion of orientation and requirements to attend, including registration in advance of the event, is available the New Student Orientation page.

You must register for NSO in advance and complete the Admitted Students Checklist. After you attend the event, your registration hold lifted will be lifted. To remove the credit agreement hold, please follow the steps listed in PAWS in the financial section.

How do I choose arts elective courses to meet core curriculum requirements?

See the arts elective courses PDF below for suggested Peck School of the Arts courses to meet the core curriculum requirement outside your arts area.

I am graduating next semester. What should I do?

Schedule a meeting with your advisor prior to the start of your final semester and apply for graduation in PAWS. Visit the One Stop Student Services site for other important information.

I’m a transfer student. How do I have my courses evaluated and know if credits will transfer?

To have courses evaluated, submit an official transcript to the Registrar’s Office from each university you have attended. Once your credits are evaluated, they will appear on your UWM transcript in PAWS.

Utilize the transfer tools located on the Registrar’s website to see transfer equivalencies that have been set-up for specific schools. 

  • For specific questions regarding transferability of courses not listed on these sites, contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • Meet with your advisor to understand how your transfer credits will be utilized within the required curriculum of your program. Your advisor may in turn consult with the appropriate faculty to determine use of transfer credits within your track of study.
What should I do if I missed the course add or drop deadline?

Schedule an appointment with your advisor to consult on the situation.

How do I declare a major?
  • If you are interested in a major offered through PSOA, research the degree programs through the PSOA website and then schedule an advising appointment using Navigate360. Many PSOA majors require either a foundation review or an audition to be declared in the major.
  • If you are interested in a major offered through a different UWM school/college, please contact that specific advising office to learn more about degree requirements and how your credits will be utilized in the curriculum.
What can I do if I am having problems in class and need additional assistance?

First, schedule an appointment using Navigate360 with your advisor to discuss the problem. You should immediately explore tutoring, which is available for many classes on campus, such as math. Visit the Student Success Center for additional info. Additionally, the Writing Center is a resource that can be used for all stages of writing. Of course, there are many more campus resources your advisor can coach you through depending on your own unique needs. 

What happens if I am on academic probation or if I have been dropped from the university?

Visit the One Stop Student Services site for more info about academic probation. If you have been dropped from the university, schedule an appointment with your current advisor to discuss your status.

Where can I find more information about UWM’s Academic Misconduct Policy?

Visit the Dean of Student’s site to learn more.

If I have concerns about a grade or a concern about a class, what should I do?

If you have concerns about a class or grade, follow the listed steps found in the PSOA grievance procedures PDF, which is linked below.

Pay close attention to the required timeframes in which you will need to make appropriate contact with faculty members.

You may consider scheduling an appointment with your advisor to discuss the issue, especially if a grade outcome may affect required courses for the next semester. However, please note that your advisor will ultimately refer you to the grievance procedures to address your concerns, and cannot influence decisions made by faculty.

I have applied to UWM and PSOA. What’s next?

Complete the Admitted Students Checklist and if you’re a transfer or returning student, attend the Transfer & Adult New Student Orientation (TASO). UWM is a large campus, and learning how to best navigate your resources ahead of time is ideal. We also recommend you begin finding ways to get connected to the UWM community to enhance your education experience and make social connections with students in your program:

  • Living Learning Community (LLC)
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Inclusion & Diversity courses and offices
  • Service/Community learning courses
  • Internships
  • Student Involvement/Student Organizations
  • Study Abroad
  • Student Employment
  • Recreation & Fitness
  • Fall Welcome Activities
Where do I find accessibility resources?

Contact the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) at the start of the semester, even if you do not think you will utilize the services.

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