Living Learning Communities HERO

Joining a Living Learning Community is more than choosing to live alongside students with similar interests. It’s an open invitation to form lasting friendships, lean on each other for support, study together and get involved in leadership opportunities.

Students in LLCs report making friends faster, have higher GPAs, and graduate at a better rate than students who don’t live in LLCs. We offer three LLCs for Peck School of the Arts students where you can be a part of a “community within a community.” And, best of all, there is no additional cost to be a part of a Living Learning Community!

Art & Design

Located in Cambridge Commons

“The best part of being in the LLC was definitely living with the same students in my class. Since we all lived next door to one another, we could easily all work on our projects together and help each other think of ideas or how to improve our work. Additionally, I met my closest friends in the LLC, so that’s a plus. Also by being in the LLC, I was surrounded by other students who were dedicated to studying art and worked hard in all they did, and I think that being around people with that ‘go for it all and I want the best’ mentality really helped me to become more serious and determined to grow myself as an artist, as well. I guess that determination is how I successfully was awarded the Laurence Rathsack scholarship last spring.” –Caroline Walser, LLC Student

Art and Design Living Learning Communities at UWM Arts and Craft Center
Art & Design Living Learning Community spending time making art at the UW-Milwaukee Studio Arts & Craft Centre.

Film, Video, Animation & New Genres

Located in Cambridge Commons

“It was fun to finally be in a space where I could work with other creative people who brought their own vision, talent, and ideas to the table.” –Thomas Hays, LLC Student

Performing Arts

Located in Sandberg Hall

The Performing Arts LLC offers Dance, Music and Theatre students the opportunity to live in a supportive arts community–as individual artists in a collaborative environment. Group activities include trips and group projects designed to broaden understanding and awareness of all performing arts. Located across campus from Peck School of the Arts, the Performing Arts LLC is a four-year residential experience.

Performing Arts Living Learning Communities - Theatre Production
Theatre Production students exploring the lighting and sound booth.