UWM Art History in the Haggerty Museum of Art News


The Haggerty and UWM Working TogetherThe Haggerty has always worked closely with UWM’s Peck School of the Arts and Art History departments. Over the past few years, the relationship has continued to grow through classes, internships, and sharing of guest artists. Numerous UWM classes (both graduate and undergraduate) take place at the Haggerty each semester. Using work from current exhibitions and/or the permanent collection, the Haggerty’s curator of education often custom-designs classes for UWM professors to illustrate specific subject matter. Recently two of  Visiting Assistant Professor Hilary K. Snow’s classes took place at the Haggerty. Students from ARTHIST 341: Seventeenth-Century Art in Holland and Flanders saw Northern Baroque prints and paintings and students from ARTHIST 770: Japanese Print Culture viewed selections from the Haggerty collection of Japanese ukiyo-e prints. Reflecting on the Haggerty visits, Dr. Snow said, “Seeing a work of art in person is very different from seeing a projection in class and the works of art at the Haggerty provide an enriching experience for students to supplement their in-class studies. The students particularly appreciate the opportunity to go into the Haggerty’s storage areas and see works not on view. Beyond just seeing the objects, observing a museum behind the scenes is a memorable experience for many students.”

Pictured: Dr. Hilary K. Snow with UWM graduate students in the Haggerty print vault.