Ethiopian Art: Christian Narratives from the Kebra Nagast

Thursday, February 27 2020 - Thursday, May 14 2020

Emile H. Mathis Gallery
UWM Mitchell Hall 170

This exhibit displays religious and political artworks with the Kebra Nagast, Ethiopia’s sacred Christian text. Most of these works date from the twentieth century, but the religious motifs are ancient. Ethiopian emperors claim political authority through a lineage traced to King Solomon and that the Ethiopia holds God’s chosen people, not Jerusalem. Twentieth century art reflects these themes by presenting the past, present, and future in one scene and uses imagery to depict symbolic struggles between good and evil. Come experience massive artworks of Ethiopian legacy at the Emile H. Mathis Art Gallery, starting February 27th – May 14th, 2020.

This is one of two Graduate Student Exhibits opening at the Emile H. Mathis Art Gallery in February 2020.