Dada Fair

On March 7th, Visiting Assistant Professor Sarah Schaefer’s ARTHIST 465: Dada and Surrealist Art students participated in a Dada Fair, held at the UWM Art History Gallery. Students were asked to contribute Dada-inspired works to the exhibition, and the results included collages of found objects, abstract paintings created with candle wax, and photo collages made of images culled from National Geographic. Puns, politics, and nonsense abounded, as the class discussed works on view, participated in the creation of chance collages, and listened to recitations of poems produced through the random jumbling of words from newspaper articles. One student dressed in Dada costume and recited excerpts from a recent presidential debate. It was a delightfully Dada morning, thanks in large part to the assistance of Christa Story (Curator, UWM Art Collection) and the Spring 2016 UWM Art History Gallery Undergraduate Intern, April Bina.