ARTHIST 704 Screenprints

On Tuesday, May, 4, Associate Professor Richard Leson’s colloquium, ARTHIST 704: Introduction to Art Museum Studies II, visited Jessica Meuninck-Ganger (Assistant Professor, Print and Narrative Forms Area Head) in the Peck School of the Arts to learn the mechanics of Rauschenberg’s approach to printing. Meuninck-Ganger demonstrated the screenprinting process and then helped students to experiment on their own. Having researched Rauschenberg prints for their class exhibition Global Matters: Rauschenberg Print Media 1968-1975, this field trip was a great opportunity for the students to learn the technical processes behind the Rauschenberg prints in the UWM Art Collection. A big thanks to Professor Meuninck-Ganger!

L-R: Elissa Peterson, Samantha Landre, and Marin Kniskern