Accessioning African Art

Curator Christa Story and the Fall 2015 UWM Art History Gallery Graduate Student Intern Jackie Murphy are in the midst of accessioning over 600 pieces of African Art into the UWM Art Collection. This significant gift was made in 2012 by Emile H. Mathis. The collection provides an encyclopedic overview of 19th and early 20th century African artistic innovations, with objects from nearly one hundred different cultural areas and twenty-three different countries spanning all regions of the continent. Objects range from esteemed symbols of royal office to everyday utilitarian objects; from large architectural elements to furniture, textiles, and other personal items; and sculptures and masks intended alternately for public satire and humor, communal initiation, and private religious rites. Story and Murphy work in tandem to record information and condition, label and measure the objects, and photograph each piece.

Christa Story (standing) and Jackie Murphy (seated)