Student Excellence Awards

The Student Excellence Awards are given out each spring to student organizations and individual students who exhibit leadership and exceptional contributions to life at UWM. Nominations are now open for the 2017 Student Excellence Awards!  Nominations will close on March 31, 2017.


Individual Awards Categories

Advisor of the Year

This award is presented to an organization’s advisor (faculty/staff) who has gone beyond the call of duty to support and advise their organization(s).

Exemplary Leadership Award

This award is presented to a student who has been selected by their peers to assume leadership positions in his/her own area. The recipients will have exhibited growth and development as a leader and been involved in campus and community organizations.

Diversity and Inclusion Award

This award recognizes a student who has dedicated their time and service under the banner of inclusion and advocacy for others. This student will have served as an agent of change, committed to leading others in cultural consciousness at UWM and/or Milwaukee Communities.

Panther Spirit Award

This award will be given to a student who exemplifies outstanding school spirit for an extended period of time. The recipient of this award displays pride as a dedicated member of our community who has contributed to campus pride in a variety of areas.

Graduating Senior Award

This award will be given to a senior who has exhibited a strong commitment to UW- Milwaukee in multiple areas of campus life.  In order to be eligible, the student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Outstanding First Year Student Award

This award will be given to a first-year student who has a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and is involved in any of the following: on campus job, leadership role on campus, is an active volunteer, participating in undergraduate research, and who exemplifies the PRIDE Message.

Student Organization Awards Categories

Civic Responsibility Award

This award is presented to a student organization that has shown service in a variety of agencies or exemplary service to one organization, and a consistent history of service to others within the UWM and/or Milwaukee communities.

Panther Community Event of the Year Award

This award recognizes a student organization whose program had a positive impact on campus. This program should have promoted student participation in campus events and school spirit. This should be an event created for student interaction and one which provides the opportunity for attendees to meet new people.

Educational Program of the Year Award

This award will recognize a student organization that has planned and implemented an outstanding educational event on campus. The event should be one that was planned for and primarily attended by UW-Milwaukee students. This program should have succeeded in educating those outside of the organization about an issue or cause and was displayed in an innovative way.

New Student Organization Award

This award will be given to an exemplary organization that has gone through the process of becoming a registered student organization within the past three semesters. The organization should have become significantly involved in the UW-Milwaukee Community during their short time on campus. This includes sponsoring events/activities on their own, as well as participating in campus activities as a student organization. The organization should have the desire and potential to improve, grow, and achieve.

Outstanding Student Organization Award

This award is presented to an organization that has exhibited a high commitment to improving campus life at UWM. The organization will have shown unity within membership, produced strong programming for the campus, and excelled in leadership.


 Student Employee Awards Categories

Excellence in Student Employment in the Division of Student Affairs will be recognized in five categories. Division of Student Affairs Staff can submit student employee nominations here. Up to three student employees will be awarded in each category.

Students Serving Students

Student staff who create or implement effective or outstanding programs or initiatives for the benefit of other students.  They are dedicated to the mission of UWM, and most importantly, to creatively improve the lives of UWM students.

Above and Beyond the Call

Students who could also be described as “everyday heroes.”  They serve on the front lines, and help students each and every day with a commitment to excellent customer service and dedication to their professional purpose.

Rising Stars

Students selected should be in their first year or two of employment at UWM.  They are effective in their current positions and show great potential both as an employee and student leader.

Most Valuable Players

Students showing consistent excellence in all areas of their responsibility and having a strong commitment to the university community.  They take great pride in their academic and professional performance.

Vice Chancellor’s Award

This student exemplifies the Student Affairs Divisional Values in all aspects of their student and professional life. This is the highest award that a Division of Student Affairs student employee can receive.