Spring 2023 Candidates

HeadshotCandidate NamePosition SoughtMajorCandidacy Statement
Sierra LeePresidentBusiness AdministrationI am very passionate about helping people solve their problems. I also have the experience of being President from Black Student Union!
I feel as though I have the voice and the skill sets it takes to accomplish a lot in the Student Association! I also feel as though I am mentally stable to take on such a powerful role on campus! I also am an advocate for those around me!
Teresa DavisVice President of Student Affairs

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Hello! My name is Teresa Davis, I use they/them pronouns, and I am a third-year student here at UW-Milwaukee. I have held the position of Accessibility Advocacy Senator for the past three semesters and have loved gaining experience with student government and learning a lot about our university. There are many issues that I am working towards remedying in our community including but not limited to making DEI trainings mandatory for all UWM faculty and fixing general inaccessibility issues on campus regarding the bathrooms, walkways, and entrances/exits to buildings. Overall, I want to be in a position to listen to students' experiences and help connect them with the resources needed to both succeed academically as well as feel safe and included here on campus. In this position, I would advocate for students fiercely so that students can focus on themselves and not have to worry about constant self-advocacy. I am very passionate about helping others and creating a diverse and welcoming campus environment for all to live their best college experiences!
Jeremi LukosVice President of Academic Affairs


With a deep passion for the success of our students and the support of professional staff that have a wealth of experience in academic administration, I believe I am the right person for this role.

There have been instances where students have raised concerns regarding questionable practices and methodologies of certain professors and teaching staff.
Not being able to make the most out of classes that students deserve is unjust and unfair and I will stand up for each and every student and make sure to take immediate and appropriate actions.

As mental health plays a crucial part in academic success, I will work with UWM's Health and Wellness centre to support programs that promote mental health and wellness, such as stress-reducing activities, mindfulness workshops, and social support programs.

Through the creation of programs that help students develop professional and transferable skills, I want to make sure that UWM’s student body is in the best position professionally to enter their respective fields.

Finally, with the new restructuring of UWM colleges, I wish to act as one of the best resources for students to navigate through this major shift and enable the Senators, Program representatives to do the same.
Dina KarimCollege of Letters & Sciences Senator

BiologyMy name is Dina Karim and I would make an exceptional candidate for the Letters & Sciences Academic Senator position. I am currently a junior, pursuing a biology major and chemistry minor at UW-Milwaukee. I love getting involved in my community, whether it be in clubs at UWM or doing research in my field of interest.
However, my involvement in the Milwaukee community does not only take place at UWM, I have also been volunteering with the Hunger Task Force in Franklin since August of 2022. I have also been working at a clinic for almost two years now and I have worked my way up to a leadership position where I am now training new employees and coordinating the clinic.
As a junior, who has almost completed all of my courses for a Bachelor’s degree in the College of Letters & Sciences, I love giving advice to my friends and acquaintances about courses and helping others go down the right path. I have excellent organization and time management skills and would be most excited and determined to hold this position to the best of my ability.
Being new to the Student Association at UWM, I would stay open-minded and take in as much advice from my peers as possible to ensure I do my part well.
Yogitha PalukuriCollege of Engineering & Applied Sciences Senator

Computer Science

My name is Yogitha Palukuri, and I am running for the College of Engineering and Applied Science Senator position. As a graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, I have had the opportunity to develop technical skills and work on challenging projects that have prepared me for this role.

My academic tasks, such as developing a face recognition-based attendance monitoring system and a resume parsing tool using Natural Language Processing, showcase my technical expertise and creativity. My experience as a Software Developer Associate at Accenture, where I developed a full-stack web application for an E-commerce client, has taught me the importance of effective communication, teamwork, and timely delivery. My internship at Hebeon Technologies allowed me to work on a machine learning project, which improved employee satisfaction by aligning their salaries with current industry standards.

As your senator, I will work to ensure that the voices and concerns of the College of Engineering and Applied Science students are heard and addressed. I am committed to advocating for initiatives that promote innovation, sustainability, and diversity in our college.

My goals include the following:
Collaborating with faculty to promote career development opportunities.
Increasing access to resources for underrepresented students.
Fostering a community that encourages creativity and collaboration.

My technical skills, leadership qualities, and commitment to excellence make me an ideal candidate. I am confident that I can work with other senators to impact our college positively, and I would be honored to represent you.

Thank you for considering me for the College of Engineering and Applied Science Senator position.

Yogitha Palukuri
Josie JoanisStudent Organization Advocacy Senator

Political Science and Pre LawMy Name is Josie Joanis and I'm currently in my sophmore year. I'm a Politcal Science Major and a part of the Pre-Law Program. I've always had a passion for politics and our political system in the United States. I would consider myself the friend that everyone comes to and asks about politcal issues and voting information, haha! As your Student Organization Advocacy Senator I plan on representing the students wants and needs, and more specifically strengthen the organizations representation on campus and help them gain recognition on campus. I want to support student led organizations and their initiatives by encuraging and helping represent their goals and social-ventures. Finally, and most importantly, I want to help promote diversity and inclusivity. I want to make sure that student organizations are inclusive and represent the diverse intrests of the student body here at UWM. I will advocate for the creation of new student organizations and offer support, as well as encourage current organizations and help them grow their memberships.
La'Wanda BassStudent Organization Advocacy Senator

African & African Diaspora/ Community Engagement Education

My name is La' Wanda Bass. I am a Junior here at UWM majoring in African & African Studies, with a minor in Sociology. I am an Army Veteran and a PROUD member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and also a proud member of Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Incorporated. I believe that I will be a great fit for the seat of Student Organization Advocacy Senator because I have worked hand in hand with the professional staff and manager of Greek Life and Leadership in many aspects, on the campus. I am also actively involved in several other organizations on campus, which I believe gives me a leg up in being able to be that ear and voice to advocate for these organizations. My goal is to eagerly work with all organizations and assist them with their requests and needs whenever possible.

Noah Darko AdjeiUndecided Major Advocacy Senator

Information Studies-Health Informatics

Throughout my stages of education and when I worked as a lecturer, I have realized that deciding on what to major in becomes a daunting task for some students. The cause of this is due to lack of the right orientation and information. As a doctoral student of information studies, I am highly passionate to support students with the right information and the right personnel to provide the needed guidance support them. This is a crucial stage of students’ lives and when needed support is not given, there is a high propensity they may end up pursuing an unmatched major which does not resonate with their true abilities. They might not only succeed in their academics but also affect their career aspirations negatively.
Specific goals.
1. To organize seminars for all students on undecided major
2. Advocate for some funds to assist undecided major students who may need special training and assistants to rightly figure out what to major.
3. Conduct an extensive assessment to figure out how efficient and effective course advisors are doing their job in the interest of students.

I urge all students to count on me because I will “perform, to inform.”
Levi KohlmannAt-Large SenatorPre-Medicine and Acting for Theater, BFAI've served as PSOA's academic senator for the past two years. My hope is to continue my work, and continue finding more ways to improve the lives of our students. Over the past two years, our campus body has come out of the most stringent aspects of pandemic protocol, weathered a barrage of medical misinformation, and come out of it all ahead of the community at large. Our campus body achieved greater than the recommended 70% vaccinated rate well ahead of the rest of the state, we adjusted our policies to accommodate students who needed sick time, and we've continued testing and quarantine programs to better support the health of every student. This would not have been been successful without the voiced support of students through the representation of student association. I hope to continue to add my voice to this body as a strong supporter of student health and wellbeing.
Lee HuntAt-Large SenatorConservation Environmental Science/TheaterMy mission as an at large sector is to advocate for students with disabilities, LGBT+ students, and advocate for students mental health needs. I want to try to be a voice for any student that has concerns. I want to ensure that every student has space to achieve their goals without worrying about lack of support from the university. I want to insure that the university is inclusive to every student both inside and outside of the classroom.
Bailee JonesAt-Large SenatorConservation and Environmental Science

I am running for re-election this year for the same position I had last year. I really enjoyed representing and advocating for my fellow students. I plan to continue doing that but I hope to collaborate with more campus entities to have more events for students.