Areas of Interest and Faculty Advisors
Department of Psychology

It is a good idea to select a faculty advisor from the area of psychology that is of most interest to you. If you are undecided on an area of interest, you can choose any faculty member in the department as your advisor. For example, you may choose a faculty member you liked as an instructor. You may always feel free to seek advisement from the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Professor Hannula (

Areas of Interest

  • General: Take a broad range of courses on any topic in psychology (any faculty member would be appropriate)
  • Neuroscience: role of the brain in behavior
  • Health Psychology: relationships between psychological/behavioral factors and physical health and illness
  • Mental Health/Professional: introduction to clinical or counseling psychology (psychological disorders, assessment and treatment)

Area of Interest

Faculty Advisors



Clinical PsychologyProfessor Cahill

Professor Davies

Professor Larson

Professor Lee

Professor Shorey
Garland 238E

Garland 238A

Garland 217

Garland 211

Garland 238B
Health PsychologyProfessor MerrittGarland
NeuroscienceProfessor Bowman

Professor Frick

Professor Hannula

Professor Swain
Garland 236

Garland 202B

Garland 202C

Garland 202A
General PsychologyProfessor Kunz

Professor Lenz
Garland 219

Garland 210

L&S Advisors

Students also have an advisor for non-psychology matters in the College of Letters & Science. To obtain an advisor in the College of Letters and Science, call (414) 229-4654, or visit Holton 142.

Associate Chair of Psychology

Students are encouraged to consult with the Associate Chair of Psychology, Deborah E Hannula (414) 229-4158 or, who handles all inquiries about undergraduate matters, including course transfers, career options, admission to graduate programs in psychology, course-related questions, and special problems and grievances that arise.

Course Syllabi and Teaching Evaluations

Course syllabi and summaries of faculty teaching evaluations are available to students in the main office of Psychology, Garland 224.