Clinic Director: Gaby Nagy, PhD (she/her/hers)

The EQUITY clinic is guided by the belief that high quality, culturally attuned mental health care is a basic right. Yet, we understand that access to such care is often limited, and this is especially true for communities that have been most directly affected by discrimination, lack of investment, and marginalization. Taking this reality into account, our training clinic focuses on increasing access to affordable, evidence-based mental health care to members of our community who face many barriers to receiving mental health care such as individuals who are under- or un-insured, have limited financial resources, have limited English ability*, and/or are members of communities that have been especially targeted by discrimination (for example, people of color, immigrants and refugees, LGBTQ+ individuals, individuals who have been persecuted for their religious beliefs, and individuals living with disabilities, among others). We offer time-limited treatment (on average 12 sessions) to maximize our ability to meet the needs of a large number of clients in the local community. Our clinic is equipped to address a broad range of concerns including, but not limited to: managing stress, improving mood, decreasing anxiety, reducing relationship and family conflict and increasing intimacy, managing strong emotions, exploring personal values and identities, coping with discrimination, and reducing the impact of stigma. The care we provide can sometimes be a first step to mental health care, and we will work with each individual client to connect them with longer-term care and to community resources as needed.

Therapy is conducted by graduate students in our Clinical Psychology PhD Program under the supervision of Dr. Gabriela Nagy.

*At this time, we are able to offer therapy in Spanish.