Undergraduate Forms

Request Second Repeat of a Psychology Course

The Psychology Department will allow students to retake a course twice (three attempts total). Per L&S procedures students must file a formal appeal to the department to be granted a second retake. This appeal can be filed using the online form found here: External Link online form. You will receive an email indicating whether permission has been granted, and if so instructions for how to register for the course.

Appeals for additional retakes (more than two) will be considered by the Associate Chair and the course instructor and will be granted only in exceptional circumstances.

Course Equivalency Request

If you took a course at another institution that you feel should count as equivalent to a UWM Psychology course please fill out this External Link online form. Please check your transcript before completing the form to make sure the course hasn’t already transferred as a UWM equivalent. More information, such as your unofficial transcript or the course syllabus, may be requested after you submit the form.

Field Placement Forms

Please download the fillable PDFs, complete your portion, have your supervisor complete the field placement supervisor portion. Then print the form and both you and your field placement supervisor should sign them. Then turn these signed copies in to your faculty supervisor.