Clinical Psychology

The UWM Clinical Psychology program strongly believes in the scientist-practitioner model of training. To us, the scientist-practitioner is not a dual entity consisting of separate research and clinical repertoires. Rather, he or she is a professional psychologist who uses knowledge of research to guide practice and who is fully capable of conducting research in the context of practice (or independent of practice).

The UWM Clinical Psychology Program is a member of The Academy of Psychological Clinical Science, which is a coalition of doctoral training programs that share a common goal of producing and applying scientific knowledge to the assessment, understanding, and amelioration of human problems. Membership in the Academy is granted only after a thorough peer review process. Its membership in the Academy indicates that our program is committed to excellence in scientific training, and to using clinical science as the foundation for designing, implementing, and evaluating assessment and intervention procedures.

Clinical Psychology Faculty

Shawn Cahill
Shawn P. Cahill
Associate Professor 229-5099Garland Hall 238E
Davies Hobart
W. Hobart Davies
Professor, Psychology Chair 229-6594Garland Hall 202C
Tasman Klein
Bonita Klein-Tasman
Professor 229-3060Garland Hall 238D
Christine Larson
Professor 229-4996Garland Hall 217
Han Joo Lee
Associate Professor 229-5858Garland Hall 211
Dr. Krista Lisdahl
Krista M. Lisdahl
Associate Professor 229-7159Garland Hall 238C
Stacey Nye
Clinical Professor
Psychologynye@uwm.edu414-229-2488Pearse Hall 176
David Osmon
David C. Osmon
Professor 229-6751Garland Hall 338
Robyn Ridley
Associate Professor 229-4407Garland Hall 230
Ryan Shorey
Assistant Professor 229-4570Garland 238B

Affiliated Clinical Faculty

Ira Driscoll
Ira Driscoll
Associate Professor 229-6665Garland Hall 314
Karyn Frick
Professor 229-6615Garland Hall 202B
Deborah Hannula
Associate Professor 229-4158Garland Hall 316

Clinical Psychology Labs