Electronics Shop

The Psychology Electronics Shop is staffed by a full-time Electronics Technician and includes separate electronics and woodworking areas. The shop is used for the construction and repair of the specialized equipment needed for the department’s research and instructional programs, as well as for the maintenance of department’s numerous computers and related devices. These services are used extensively by faculty and graduate students. However the shop is to be used only for University business. Personal use is prohibited.

Here is a partial list, with manuals, of some of the equipment available:

Faculty, staff or students may occasionally need to use the equipment after normal business hours or when the shop technician is not present. To assure safe use of the tools please follow these simple rules.

  • Complete the Shop Safety Quiz to be granted access to the shop.
  • Sign-in with name and date when using the shop.
  • At least two people must be present in the shop when using power tools.
  • Review the manuals for the tools. The floor standing tools have manuals hanging from them as well as the above links.
  • Contact the technician, Pat Reilly, phone: 414-229-5330, e-mail:reillyp@uwm.edu, for review of the safe use of tools.
  • DO NOT operate while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and medication.
  • ALWAYS wear eye protection (safety glasses or a face shield) per UWM Policy.
    DO NOT wear gloves or loose clothing.
  • REMOVE tie, rings, watch and other jewelry, and roll up sleeves, tie back long hair, wear nonslip footwear.
  • In case of emergency or severe injury call 9-911. The phone is on the shop office desk.
  • Report any equipment problems to Pat Reilly, phone: 414-229-5330, e-mail:reillyp@uwm.edu.