Psychology Department Diversity Committee

Mission Statement

The Psychology Department Diversity Committee is a forum for the exchange and development of ideas and actions to support Psychology Department’s promotion of diversity and fostering of an inclusive, equitable, anti-racist, anti-discriminatory, and welcoming environment. The committee is comprised of graduate students, staff, and faculty in the Department of Psychology. Our work is grounded in the values of Community, Education, Improvement & Growth, and Ethics & Professionalism.

The Diversity Committee of the Department of Psychology has three current main aims through the activities of the committee and its workgroups:

  1. Facilitate personal growth in cultural humility, awareness, self-reflection, and cultural sensitivity of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff through colloquiums, workshops, and trainings;
  2. Foster diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout mentorship, teaching, and research;
  3. Cultivate an inclusive, caring, and collaborative departmental environment that supports the welfare of, recruitment and retention of students, faculty and staff of diverse and/or minoritized backgrounds.
  4. Amplify and support the wellbeing of individuals of intersectional marginalized identities

This statement will be reviewed and updated in the Fall of each year, with input from students, faculty, and staff.

2020-21 Membership, including bios:

Our Values:

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