Senior Thesis

In addition to providing research apprenticeships and field placements in psychology, the Department allows especially talented seniors to complete a thesis. Completion of Psych 698: Senior Thesis, allows a student to demonstrate his or her ability to formulate a research idea and pursue independent and original investigation. Students who complete a thesis are in a very competitive position with respect to graduate admission.

Procedures for Completing a Senior Thesis

  1. Undergraduate theses should be supervised by a psychology faculty member. Students must have a 3.5 overall GPA in order to do a thesis.
  2. The following procedures for completing a thesis are guidelines. Consult your intended thesis advisor about the expectations for completing your thesis.
  3. Students should form a thesis committee consisting of their primary research advisor and at least one other UWM faculty member.

Before conducting the thesis research, students are strongly encouraged to write a thesis proposal and orally defend it at a meeting of the thesis committee. After the research is completed, students are required to write a thesis and orally defend it at a meeting of the thesis committee.