Neuroscience research at UWM involves students and faculty from several departments as well as psychology. The work being done in the Psychology Department is aimed at understanding the relationships between the functions of the nervous system and behavior/cognition. Faculty use a wide range of techniques with laboratory animals and human subjects study these issues.

Some of the current topics being investigated by psychology faculty include: neural changes following complex motor skill learning, mapping human brain areas involved in memory and emotion with magnetic resonance imaging, interactions between endogenous dopamine and drugs of abuse, characterization of novel antipsychotic compounds, effects of exercise on cerebral blood flow, the role of opioids and other peptides in pain and analgesia, development of aquatic models of drug abuse, and the neural systems analysis of Pavlovian conditioning and defensive behavior. Neuroscience research and training is currently supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health as well as private foundations.

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