Caitlin R. Bowman

Assistant Professor

Dr. Bowman will recruit a new graduate student for Fall 2024 admissions to the Neuroscience PhD program.


Degree: Ph.D, The Pennsylvania State University, 2015


Our work focuses on two important facets of memory and how they change with advanced age: 1) the ability to remember specific past events and 2) the ability to link across related experiences to form new knowledge. While it is well established that memory specificity declines with age, less is known about how age affects the formation of new knowledge. To better understand these human memory functions, we use a combination of behavioral tasks, computational modeling, and brain imaging techniques that include model-based fMRI and multivariate pattern analyses. Our ultimate goal is to understand the basic cognitive and neural mechanisms of memory and age-related declines in memory, and to find ways to support new learning and flexible decision-making in people across the lifespan.

Selected publications

Bowman, C.R. & Zeithamova, D. (in press). Training set coherence and set size effects on concept generalization and recognition. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning Memory & Cognition.

Ashby, S.R., Bowman, C.R., & Zeithamova, D. (in press). Perceived similarity ratings predict generalization success after traditional category learning and a new paired-associate learning task. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review.

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