Living and Other Associated Expenses

Funded students receive a living stipend, benefits including access to health insurance, and pay no tuition.  You may expect additional living expenses and other expenses associated with your education.

Other education-related expenses

  • Segregated fees: UWM charges segregated fees that are not covered by tuition remission. These fees fund a variety of student services and activities. Fees can vary, but are typically about $750 per semester. (See fee schedule here.) Most of our funded students qualify for a UWM Chancellor’s Award which is typically enough to cover most or all of your segregated fees.
  • Course and field-trip fees: Some courses have additional expenses, usually associated with field trips. Most students spend less than $250 per year.
  • Textbooks: This can vary widely, but may range between $0 and several hundred dollars per semester.
  • Computer: You will be provided with a basic desktop computer in your university office. However, many students prefer to use their own laptop or home desktop computer.  Consider how much (if anything) you would like to spend on a computer.
  • Software: All UWM students have access to a suite of software packages that may be installed on personal or UWM-owned machines. This includes the Microsoft 365 suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc), and ArcGIS. You may need to use more specialized software in some classes or to complete your research.  In those cases, you will nearly always be provided with access to the software, but it may not be on your personal or office computer.  Some students choose to purchase additional licenses for their personal computers.

Living in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a relatively affordable city. National cost-of-living estimators place Milwaukee at 3% to 21% below the national average.  Your largest expense will likely be rent.  Information on this and several additional possible expenses are below.

  • Rent:
    • University Graduate Housing is available in Kenilworth Square Apartments. Rents start at about $550 per month for a shared, 1-bedroom apartment. (Unshared 1-bedroom is $1093)
    • Off-Campus Neighborhood Housing is available near the university. The UWM Neighborhood Housing office estimates that an unshared studio or 1-bedroom apartment averages about $850 per month, while shared housing arrangements typically cost about $475-$600 (as of January 2022).”
  • Transportation and Parking:
    • Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) – All students receive a MCTS pass as part of your segregated fees. The university is served by many bus routes, but you can use the pass to travel anywhere MCTS serves. This is a $72/month value.
    • Campus parking – Most students walk, bike, or take the bus to campus. If you plan on driving, parking rates vary by location and permit type, but cheapest rates are $1.50/hour, $8/day, $308/semester, or $748/year.
    • UPARK Park and Ride – During Fall and Spring semesters, students may park free at a satellite lot and take the Prowl Line bus to campus (about a 10 minute ride).
  • Childcare: