BA in Geosciences

Listed below are the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Geosciences. In addition to the requirements for the major, students must also satisfy all of the university general education requirements and the College of Letters & Science breadth and other degree requirements. Degree requirements will vary depending on when you took your first college class. You are strongly advised to consult both the Geosciences advisor and your L&S advisor to ensure you stay on track towards a degree. Read more about the degree requirements on the L&S Degree Requirements web pages.


Total Geosciences Credits

32 credits

Required Courses (23-26 credits)
  • Geo Sci 100 - Introduction to the Earth, 3 credits
  • Geo Sci 102 - Historical Geology, 3 credits
  • Geo Sci 301 - Principles of Mineralogy, 3 credits
  • Geo Sci 302 - Elemental Petrology, 3 credits
  • Geo Sci 414 - Structural Geology (satisfies L&S research requirement), 3 credits
  • Geo Sci 455 - Field Geology* (normally taken over the summer), 3 credits
  • Geo Sci 511 - Stratigraphy and Sedimentation, 3 credits
Elective Courses (9 credits)

Students must take at least 9 additional credits from Geosciences Department courses at the 300 level or above.

Other Required Courses (10 credits)

  • one semester of Chemistry with lab, usually Chem 102 - General Chemistry, 5 credits
  • one semester of Physics with lab, usually Physics 120 and 121, General Physics I (Non-Calculus Treatment), 4 credits and 1 credit

Additional Requirements

All students who major in geosciences must complete at least 15 credits in geosciences courses at the advanced level (numbered 300 or above) in residence at UWM as part of the 36 advanced-level credits required for the L&S degree.

GPA Requirements

The College requires that students attain at least a 2.000 GPA on all credits in the major, including any transfer work.

* Geo Sci 455 is required but not offered at UWM. Students must enroll in a field course at another university to satisfy the requirement.