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Welcome to the UWM Department of Geosciences Virtual Front Office. In order to provide the best student experience we can offer during the time of COVID-19, we invite you to contact us using the links below. Or, scroll down farther for information on Geosciences undergraduate majors, minors, graduate applications and courses offered.

If you have questions about the…

Julie Bowles

Graduate Program

Prof. Julie Bowles
Profile: Julie Bowles

Call 414-251-6183

Dyanna Czeck

UWM Geosciences Department or Administration

Prof. Dyanna Czeck
Profile: Dyanna Czeck

Lindsay McHenry

Undergraduate Program

Prof. Lindsay McHenry
Profile: Lindsay McHenry

Call 414-251-9301

Lauren Wieczorek

UWM Geosciences Department or Administration

Lauren Wieczorek
Profile: Lauren Wieczorek

Call 414-251-7354

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