Dissertations & Theses

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Strey, Falyn
Fluid flow and deformation: exploring the relationships between fluid flow, deformation mechanisms, quartz crystallographic preferred orientation fabric development, and kinematics in the Willard thrust fault, Utah (MS, 2021). Advisor: Dyanna Ceck


Bychinski, Leslie
Pesticides in urban/suburban water wells in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha counties in Wisconsin (MS, 2020). Advisor: Shangping Xu

Carman, Nancy
Analyzing Strain Localization, Kinematic Partitioning and Fluid Flow in the Pulo Do Lobo Metasedimentary Rocks Along the Southern Iberian Shear Zone, Andalucia, Spain (MS, 2020). Advisor: Dyanna Czeck

Fearn, Sebastian
Evaluating Hydration and Artificial Aging Effects on the Paleointensity in Natural Glass (MS, 2020). Advisor: Julie Bowles

Jung, Ji-In
A Feasibility Study of Microbialites as Paleomagnetic Recorders (MS, 2020). Advisor: Julie Bowles

Ludyan, Jordan
Surface Alteration in the Ölkelduháls, Nesjavellir, and Geysir Hydrothermal Systems, Iceland: Implications for Mars (MS, 2020). Advisor: Lindsay McHenry

Malone, John (Jack)|
Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, and High-Precision U-Pb Age Constraints on the Late Paleozoic Ansilta Formation, Calingasta-Uspallata Basin, NW Argentina (MS, 2020). Advisor: John Isbell

Martin, Charles (Chad)
Characterization of water pathways and hydrolytic weakening within naturally deformed quartz grains along the Willard Thrust Fault, Utah (MS, 2020). Advisor: Dyanna Czeck

Oanes, Kenneth
Simulating the effects of urbanization and climate change on ground water recharging using the USGS precipitation and runoff modelling system (PRMS) (MS, 2020). Advisor: Shangping Xu

Matzuk, Ryan
Water Chemistry and Lake Dynamics of Laguna Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico (MS, 2020). Advisor: Tim Grundl
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Pauls, Kathryn
Late Paleozoic climatic reconstruction of western Argentina: glacial extent and deglaciation of southwestern Gondwana (PhD, 2020). Advisor: John Isbell
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Byers, Harris
Quantifying the variability in heavy metal concentrations in produce grown in metals-rich soil (PhD, 2019). Advisor: Tim Grundl

Plank, Evvan
The Dynamics and Speciation of Arsenic in Drinking Water Wells in Eastern Wisconsin (MS, 2019). Advisor: Shangping Xu

McNall, Natalie
Sedimentological and geochemical analysis of deep-water deposits in the Mojón de Hierro Formation at Arroyo Garrido, Tepuel-Genoa Basin, Patagonia, Argentina (MS, 2019). Advisor: John Isbell

Salo, Madeline
Anthropogenically driven changes to shallow groundwater in Southeastern Wisconsin and its effects on the aquifer microbial communities (MS, 2019). Advisor: Tim Grundl

Cordie, David
Incorporation, morphology, and extinction of framework-building metazoans in Early Cambrian reef ecosystems from the Western USA and Mongolia and their effects on reef diversity (PhD, 2019). Advisor: Stephen Dornbos

Fedorchuk, Nicholas
Testing the Late Paleozoic ice volume paradox in the southernmost Paraná Basin, Brazil (PhD, 2019). Advisor: John Isbell


Thalhamer, Ernest
Analyzing ductile shear zone network geometries in the Grassy Portage Sill, Rainy Lake region, Northwestern Ontario, Canada (MS, 2018). Advisor: Dyanna Czeck

Glenister, Chase
The Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Surface Hydrothermal Alteration at Nesjavellir, SW Iceland (MS, 2018). Advisor: Lindsay McHenry

Borucki, Elizabeth
Depositionally-Induced Magnetic Frequency Variations of a Sandstone Facies of the Copper Harbor Conglomerate from the North American, Mid-Continent Rift at Union Bay, Michigan (MS, 2018). Advisor: Julie Bowles

Bulson, Erin
Evaluating Ecohydrological Separation with Geochemical Tracers, δ 2H and δ18O, from Northern California in an Irrigated and Semi-Arid Setting (MS, 2018). Advisor: Erik Gulbranson

Gigstad, Kate
Invertebrate Paleoecology of High Paleo-Latitude Carboniferous Strata of the Tepuel-Genoa Basin, Argentina (MS, 2018). Advisor: Margaret Fraiser

Hassell, Keenan
Paleobiology and Taphonomy of Exceptionally Preserved Putative Macroalgae from the Ediacaran Zuun-Arts Biota, Zavkhan Province, Mongolia (MS, 2018). Advisor: Steve Dornbos

Stephenson, Sheryl
Characterizing the Geochemical Changes across a Strain Gradient in the Beja-Acebuches Metabasites Due to Retrograde Metamorphism and Fluid Flow along the Southern Iberian Shear Zone (MS, 2018). Advisor: Dyanna Czeck

Wanta, Andrew
Hydrothermal Alteration at Devil’s Kitchen in the Lassen Volcanic National Park: A Mars Analogue (MS, 2018). Advisor: Lindsay McHenry


Barlow, Megan
Soil-Grapevine Interactions: Insight from Verdicchio in the Marche Wine Region, Italy (MS, 2017). Advisor: Barry Cameron

Amato, James
Using AMS to help interpret glaciogenic deposits of the late Paleozoic Ice Age in the Parana Basin, Brazil (MS, 2017). Advisors: John Isbell and Julie Bowles

Joynt, Emily
Factors Controlling Diffusive CO2 Production and Transport in the Cedarburg Bog, Saukville, Wisconsin (MS, 2017). Advisors: Weon Shik Han and Tim Grundl

Karakis, Snejana
Terroir Studies in Washington and Wisconsin American Viticultural Areas (PhD, 2017). Advisor: Barry Cameron


Czech, Carrie
Sedimentology of Pleistocene Outwash and Glaciolacustrine Deposits in East-central Wisconsin (MS, 2016). Advisor: John Isbell

Gerzich, Devin
An evaluation of paleomagnetic techniques to determine emplacement temperature of pyroclastic flows at Mount St. Helens (MS, 2016). Advisor: Julie Bowles

Han, Kyungdoe
A physicochemical prediction of prolonged natural CO2 leakage in the Little Grand Wash Fault Zone, Green River, Utah (MS, 2016). Advisor: Weon Shik Han

Johanson, Jennifer
Transport of Potential Microbial Source Tracking Markers in Sandy Materials (Ph.D., 2016). Advisor: Shangping Xu

Moxness, Levi
Sedimentology of the mid-Carboniferous basal fill of the Olta paleovalley, eastern Paganzo basin, Argentina (MS, 2016). Advisor: John Isbell

Quamme, Kurt
Point of use biosand filters of the rural Dominican Republic (MS, 2016). Advisor: Shangping Xu


Braun, Nicole
Paleoecology of Glacial and Non Glacial Carboniferous Faunas During the Late Paleozoic Ice Age in Patagonia (MS, 2015). Advisor: Margaret Fraiser

Carson, George
Hydrothermal Acid-sulfate Alteration at Krafla and Námafjall, Ne Iceland: Implications for Gusev Crater and Meridiani Planum, Mars (MS, 2015). Advisor: Lindsay McHenry

Dineen, Ashley Ann
Functional Diversity of Regional Marine Paleocommunities After the Permo-Triassic Mass Extinction: Case Studies from Panthalassa and Paleo-tethys
(Ph.D., 2015). Advisor: Margaret Fraiser

Graham, Jackson
Climate Impact on Groundwater Flow Processes in the Cedar Creek Watershed and Cedarburg Bog (MS, 2015). Advisor: Weon Shik Han

Guyant, Ethan
Addressing Potential Risks and Challenges of CO2 Geologic Sequestration
(MS, 2015). Advisor: Weon Shik Han

Jacobson, William
Field and Laboratory Study of the Flàajökull Glacier, Iceland (Ph.D., 2015). Advisor: Thomas Hooyer

Novek, Jonah
Paleoredox Geochemistry and Bioturbation Levels of the Exceptionally Preserved Early Cambrian Indian Springs Biota, Poleta Formation, Nevada, USA (MS, 2015). Advisor: Stephen Dornbos

Survis, Sarah
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of High-latitude, Glacigenic Deposits from the Late Paleozoic Ice Age in the Tepuel-Genoa Basin, Patagonia, Argentina (MS, 2015). Advisor: John Isbell

Wimer, Erin
Microbially Induced Sedimentary Structures as an Ecological Niche in Subtidal Early Triassic Environments of Eastern Panthalassa (MS, 2015). Advisor: Margaret Fraiser



Block, Jane
The Rice Bay and Northeast Bay Gneiss Domes: a Kinematic Study of Competent Rock Bodies in the Rainy Lake Region of Ontario, Canada (MS, 2014). Advisor: Dyanna Czeck

Calhoun, Justin
Fabric and Microstructural Analysis of the Loch Borralan Pluton, Northwest Highlands, Scotland (MS, 2014). Advisor: Dyanna Czeck

Egan, Alice
Simulating Recharge in a Wisconsin Watershed: the Effect of Sub Annual Precipitation Patterns (MS, 2014). Advisor: Shangping Xu

Fedorchuk, Nicholas
Evaluating the Biogenicity of Fluvial-lacustrine Stromatolites from the Mesoproterozoic Copper Harbor Conglomerate, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Usa (MS, 2014). Advisor: Stephen Dornbos

Feriancikova, Lucia
The Spread of Emerging Contaminants in the Soil-Groundwater System (Ph.D, 2014). Advisor: Shangping Xu

Greenwood, Stephen
Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Pleistocene Volcanics at Embagai Caldera and Natron Basin, Tanzania: Potential Constraints on the Stratigraphy of Olduvai Gorge (MS, 2014). Advisor: Lindsay McHenry

Jung, Na-Hyun
Fault-Controlled Advective, Diffusive, and Eruptive CO2 Leakage from Natural Reservoirs in the Colorado Plateau, East-Central Utah (MS, 2014). Advisor: Weon Shik Han

Pauls, Kathryn
Sedimentology and Paleoecology of Fossil-bearing, High-latitude Marine and Glacially Influenced Deposits in the Tepuel Basin, Patagonia, Argentina (MS, 2014). Advisor: John Isbell

Rolle, Jenna
Early Triassic Echinoids of the Western United States: Their Implications for Paleoecology and the Habitable Zone Hypothesis Following the Permo-triassic Mass Extinction (MS, 2014). Advisor: Margaret Fraiser

Watson, Zachary
An Analysis of CO2-driven Cold-water Geysers in Green River, Utah and Chimayo, New Mexico (MS, 2014). Advisor: Weon Shik Han


Henry, Lindsey
Late Paleozoic Glaciation and Ice Sheet Collapse Over Western and Eastern Gondwana: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Glacial to Post-Glacial Strata in Western Argentina and Tasmania, Australia (Ph.D., 2013). Advisor: Margaret Fraiser

Johnson, Kimberly
Deformation and Fluid Interactions in the Mineral Fork Diamictites, Antelope Island, Utah (MS, 2013). Advisor: Dyanna Czeck

Seiger, Danielle
Re-examination of Changes in Fluvial Stacking Pattern Across the P-t Boundary in the Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica (MS, 2013). Advisor: John Isbell

Stapleton, Elizabeth
Development of Green Solvent Modified Zeolite (gsmz) for the Removal of Chemical Contaminants from Water (MS, 2013). Advisor: Shangping Xu

Thorpe, Anna
Applying Geochemistry to Investigate the Occurrence of Riverbank Inducement into a Shallow Aquifer in Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 2013). Advisor: Timothy Grundl


Baierlipp, Michael
Hydrostratigraphic Images for the Lower Fox Valley, Waukesha, Wisconsin (MS, 2012). Advisor: William Kean

Barszewski, Christine
Microstructural and cathodoluminescence (SEM-CL) analyses of clasts in a tectonically deformed diamictite from the Willard Thrust, UT (MS, 2012). Advisor: Dyanna Czeck

Kloss, Tristan
Interpreting the Paleoenvironmental Context of Marine Shales Deposited During the Cambrian Radiation: Global Insights from Sedimentology, Paleoecology, and Geochemistry (Ph.D., 2012). Advisor: Stephen Dornbos

Magnusson, Nathan
Assessing the Affects of Pleistocene Glaciation on the Recharge of the Deep Paleozoic Aquifer of Eastern Wisconsin Using Noble Gases, Radiocarbon Dating, and Geochemical Analysis (MS, 2012). Advisor: Timothy Grundl

Polk, Carlene
Testing the Bed-Deformation Hypothesis for Drumlin Formation Using Magnetic Fabrics (MS, 2012). Advisor: Thomas Hooyer

Schaefer, Scott
Distribution of Early Triassic Rhynchonelliform Brachiopods in the Dinwoody Basin of the Western United States: A Test of the Habitable Zone Hypothesis (MS, 2012). Advisor Margaret Fraiser


DeVasto, Michael
Quantifying the Relationships Between Geochemical and Microtextural Changes Across Small-Scale Granitic Shear Zones (MS, 2011). Advisor: Dyanna Czeck

Gerard, Teri
Volatiles in melt inclusions from scoria cones in Nicaragua: Implications for magma source and cone evolution (MS, 2011). Advisors: Barry Cameron and Lindsay McHenry

Kennedy, Michael
Testing Asteroid Impact as a Mechanism for Environmental Disruption at the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary (Montana, USA) (MS, 2011). Advisor: John Isbell

Nachbor, Amelia
Fluid effects on deformation in the Mineral Fork diamictites, Antelope Island, Utah. (MS, 2011). Advisor: Dyanna Czeck

Ruffini, Joseph
Hematitte and Sulfate Minerals in Lava Tubes, Craters of the Moon, Idaho: An Analog for Diagenesis at Meridiani Planum, Mars (MS, 2011). Advisor Lindsay McHenry

Servais, Robert
Evaluation of the Effects of Climate Change on Groundwater Recharge Using PRMS: A Regression Equation for the Prediction of Climatic Recharge Change (MS, 2011). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Traut, Jolene
Using Cleavage Refraction, Boudin Shape and Microstructural Evidence to Determine the Relative Rheology of Naturally Deformed Quartzites and Phyllites (MS, 2011). Advisor: Dyanna Czeck

Walczak, Jacob
Antimicrobial-Resistant Bacteria in Dairy Manure: Occurance and Transport in the Environment (MS, 2011). Advisor: Shangping Xu


Bills, Bonnie
Refinement fo a Groundwater Model for the Village of Richfield, Wisconsin (MS, 2010). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Dineen, Ashley
Regional paleoecology of near-field marine faunas during the Late Paleozoic Ice Age, Western Argentina (MS, 2010). Advisors: Margaret Fraiser and John Isbell

Holzbauer, Micah
Tracking Shallow Groundwater Anthropogenic Effects in Southeastern Wisconsin. (MS, 2010). Advisor: Timothy Grundl

Koch, Zelenda
Reevaluation of the Late Paleozoic Glacigenic Deposits of the Pagoda Formation at Tillite Glacier, Central Transantarctic Mountains, Anatarctica. (MS, 2010). Advisor: John Isbell

Ramponi, Jeanne
Simulation of Shallow Groundwater Flow in a System Dominated By Lakes: Catherine Wolter Wilderness Area Nature Conservancy, Border Lakes Region, Vilas County, Wisconsin (MS, 2010). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer



Bruesewitz, Jeff
Geochemistry, Geochronology, and Petrology of the Cary Mound Granite, Wood County, Wisconsin (MS, 2009). Advisor: Barry Cameron

Porubcan, Alexis
An experimental investigation on colloid straining within saturated heterogeneous porous media (MS, 2009). Advisor: Shangping Xu


Gregg, Tanya
Chemical Variations of Select Cinder Cones in Southeastern Guatemala: Implications for the Explosive-effusive Transition. (MS, 2008). Advisor: Barry Cameron

Loughry, Joy
Hydrogeologic Study of the Catherine Wolter Wilderness area in Vilas County, Wisconsin: An Interpretation of the Local Surface Water and Ground Water Flow System (MS, 2008). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Schlottke, Mark
Paleoecology of the Middle Cambrian Eocrinoid Echinoderm Gogia Spiralis: Changes in Substrate Adaptations Through Ontogeny (MS 2008). Advisor: Stephen Dornbos


Henry, Lindsey
Carboniferous glacigenic deposits of the Hoyada Verde and Tramojo formations of the Calingasta-Uspallata basin, west central Argentina (MS, 2007). Advisor: John Isbell


Alessi, Daniel
A kinetic study of the reduction of selected nitroaromatic and nitroamine compounds using monohydroxyl ferrous iron (MS, 2006). Advisor: Timothy Grundl

Kawa, Matthew
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Paleogeographic Significance of Lower Paleozoic Strata Along the Crest of the Wisconsin Arch (MS, 2006). Advisor: John Isbell

Wolfe, Keri
Permian fluvial deposits, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica (MS, 2006). Advisor: John Isbell


Atkinson, Lee Ann
Electrical resistivity survey of the Catherine Wolter Wilderness Area in Vilas County, Wisconsin : an interpretation of the local glacial stratigraphy (MS, 2005). Advisor: William Kean

Domke, Kirk
Paleoecology of the Middle Cambrian edrioasteroid echinoderm Totiglobus: Implications for unusual Cambrian body plans (MS, 2005). Advisor: Stephen Dornbos

Flaig, Peter
Changing fluvial style across the Permian-Triassic boundary, Beardmore Glacier region, Central Transantarctic mountains, Antarctica (MS, 2005). Advisor: John Isbell

2000 – 2004


Baxter, Tiffany
Evidence for Caledonian eclogite metamorphism and associated deep crustal faults in the Lofoten Islands, northern Norway (MS, 2004). Advisor: Teri Boundy (MS, 2004).

Boscov-Parfitt, Snejana
Degassing study of subglacial volcanoes in the Tuya region of northern British Columbia using H2O content and hydrogen isotope analyses (MS, 2004). Advisor: Barry Cameron

Mumpy, Andrew
Three-dimensional architecture and sedimentology of a modern, active braid bar in the Wisconsin River : analysis using ground penetrating radar (MS, 2004). Advisor: John isbell

Schmidt, Lori
Delineation of high salinity in the Cambrian-Ordovician aquifer system in eastern Wisconsin (MS, 2004). Advisor: Timothy Grundl


Cape, Michael
Geochemical Factors Controlling Radium in the Cambrian-Ordovician Aquifer System of Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 2003). Advisor: Timothy Grundl

Schram, Anthony
Soil Baseline Concentrations of Cadmium, Chromium and Lead in Northwest Washington County, Wisconsin (MS, 2003). Advisor: Timothy Grundl


Alhakimi, Saif
The Extent and Boundaries of Extinct Lake Scuppernong, Jefferson County, Southeastern Wisconsin (Ph.D., 2002). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Hill, Catherine
Sedimentology and Environmental Interpretation of the Racine Formation Exposure at Lime Kiln Park (MS, 2002). Advisor: Mark Harris

Lenaker, Paul
Sedimentology of Permian Glacial Deposits Exposed in the Darwin Glacier Region, Antarctica (MS, 2002). Advisor: John Isbell


Carlson, Douglas
Dependence of Conductivities and Anisotrpies on Geologic Properties Within the Near Surface Aquifer in Milwaukee, WI. 2 Volumes (Ph.D., 2001). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Peychal, Christopher
A Study of the Magnetic Basement Rocks of the Waterloo Wisconsin Area (MS, 2001). Advisor: William Kean


Radle, Eric
Development of a Conceptual Hydrostratagraphic Model for a Portion of the Paleozoic Aquifer in East-Central Dane County, Wisconsin (MS, 2000). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Schultz, Christopher
The Effect of pH and Mineral Mediation on the Reactivity of Ferrous Iron in the Reduction of Nitroaromatic Compounds (Ph.D., 2000). Advisor: Timothy Grundl



Ansari, Sajjad
Determination of the Magnitude of and Controls on Ground-Water Recharge (MS, 1999). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Clayton, Derek
Determination of 238U, 234U, 230Th, and 226Ra in the Maquoketa Formation (MS, 1999). Advisor: Timothy Grundl

Crandall, Curt
Quantification of Beam-Filling Effects at Selected Microwave Frequencies (MS, 1999). Advisor: Anastasios Tsonis

Drought, James
A Case Study of Natural Attenuation of a Mixed Hydrocarbon Plume (MS, 1999). Advisor: Timothy Grundl

Gehring, Mark
Lake Breeze Verification Using a Numerical Model (MS, 1999). Advisor: Paul Roebber

Johnson, Darrel
A Diagnostic Case Study of Bent-Back Frontogenesis and Associated Severe Weather Over the US Great Plains (MS, 1999). Advisor: Paul Roebber

Kurimski, Phillip
The Role of Eddy Variability in the Extratropical Response to Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies (MS, 1999). Advisor: Kyle Swanson

McGee, Michelle
The Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Porosity of the Silurian Manistique, Waukesha, and Racine Formations in Ozuakee County, Wisconsin (MS, 1999). Advisor: Mark Harris

Van Biersal, Thomas
Permeability Reduction in Saturated Unconsolidated Sediment Using Controlled Microbial Growth (Ph.D., 1999). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer


Klages, Patrick
Comparison of Periodically Saturated Soils Near Ten Mil Dam on the Indian River, Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan (MS, 1998). Advisor: Norman Lasca


Berg, William
Self Potential to Interpret Directional Grounwater Flow (MS, 1997). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Bristoll, Bill
A Modified Azimuthal Resistivity Technique (MS, 1997). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Davis, Timothy
The Application of Electrical Anisotropy in Hydrogeological Modeling in Door County, Wisconsin (MS, 1997). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Frederick, James
An Investigation Into Persistant Cloud Decks Affecting Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 1997). Advisor: Paul Roebber

Galbraith, Jennifer
A Comparison of 10-day Atmospheric Transport and the Chemical Composition of Snow at the Crest of the Greenland Ice Sheet (MS, 1997). Advisor: Jonathon Kahl

Larson, Herbert
Earthquake Relocations Along the Blanco Transform Fault Zone (MS, 1997). Advisor: Keith Sverdrup

Lee, Christopher
Geophysical Investigations of Seepage from the Milwaukee River (MS, 1997). Advisor: William Kean

Schlipp, Wayne
Regional Geologic Setting and Analysis of Ostracod Fauna from the Lower and Middle Pennsylvanian Round Valley and Morgan Formations in Dinosaur National Monument, Utah and Colorado (Ph.D., 1997). Advisor: Richard Paull


Hegrenes, Daniel
A Core Study of the Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Porosity and Hydrogeology of the Silurian Aquifer in Door County, Wisconsin (MS, 1996). Advisor: Mark Harris

Jurcek, Patrick
Digital Simulation of a Bedrock Channel Aquifer System to Delineate Well Field Recharge Areas, Marshfield, Wisconsin (MS, 1996). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Krueger, Eric
The Hydrogeology and Phosphorus Status of Two Calcareous Fens Separated by a Monotypic Sedge Meadow, East Troy, Wisconsin (MS, 1996). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Kuglitsch, Jeffrey
Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Silurian Racine and Waukesha Formations of Northern Waukesha County, Wisconsin (MS, 1996). Advisor: Richard Paull

McClean, Richard
Plant Magnetism, and It’s Possible Contribution to Soil Magnetism (MS, 1996). Advisor: William Kean

Schulze-Makuch, Dirk
Facies Dependant Scale Behavior of Hydraulic Conductivity and Longitudinal Dispersivity in the Carbonate Aquifer of Southeastern Wisconsin (Ph.D., 1996) Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Seegers, Gina
Sedimentology of the Permian MacKellar Formation, Central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica (MS, 1996). Advisor: John Isbell

Thomas, Michal
Influence of Local Factors and Their Interactions as Convective Cloud Development and Precipitation Patterns in Eastern Wisconsin (MS, 1996). Advisor: Paul Roebber


Brooks, Gregory
The Sorptive Behavior of Metolachlor, Propachlor, Simazine and Hydroxyatrazine in Organic Poor Soil (MS, 1995). Advisor: Timothy Grundl

Jansen, John
Ground Water Exploration by the Combined Use of Fracture Trace Analysis and Azimuthal Resistivity in the Silurian Dolomite Aquifer of Southeastern Wisconsin (Ph.D., 1995). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Jeddaimi, Bojela
The Detection of Underground Storage Tanks Through Rayleigh Wave Attenuation Measurements (MS, 1995). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Lahr, Mark
Detailed Gravity Profiles of the Waukesha Fault, Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 1995). Advisor: Keith Sverdrup

Mulvey, Timothy
A Digital Simulation of the Interaction Between Pleistocene and Silurian Aquifers of Eastern Wisconsin and Lake Michigan (MS, 1995). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Reese, Christine
Electro Kinetic Flow in Undisturbed Illitic Rich Glacio Tills and a Search Into Alternate Current Conductance Pathways of Recompacted Kaolinite, Till and Montmorillionite (MS, 1995). Advisor: Timothy Grundl


Cannestra, Robert
Digital Simulation of Ground Water Flow Along the Western Shoreline of Green Bay in Wisconsin (MS, 1994). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Delwiche, James
Determination of the Intrinsic Rate Constant for the Precipitation of Amorphous Ferric Oxyhydroxide (MS, 1994). Advisor: Timothy Grundl

Liu, Desong
The Meteorlogical Feasibility of Controlling Emissions Along Clean Air Corridors to the Grand Canyon (MS, 1994). Advisor: Jonathan Kahl

Michalski, Paul
Electroosmosis and Development of pH Gradients in Till, Silt, and Sand (MS, 1994). Advisor: Timothy Grundl

Sexton, Lora
Region Sequence Stratagraphic Analysis of Late Ordovician Ramp Carbonates of the Eastern Great Basin, Western Utah, and Eastern Nevada (MS, 1994). Advisor: Mark Harris

Waldhuetter, Kurt
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Porosity Distribution of the Silurian Aquifer, The Door Peninsula, Wisconsin (MS, 1994). Advisor: Mark Harris


Bartling, Robert
Gravity Study of the Sioux Quartzite ihn Eastern South Dakota (MS, 1993). Advisor: Keith Sverdrup

Bodus, Theresa
Paleomagnetic and Ground Magnetic Assessment of the Niagra Fault System in Northern Wisconsin and Western Upper Peninsula Michigan (Ph.D., 1993). Advisor: William Kean

Camber, Steve
The Effects of the North Shore Tunnel on the Milwaukee River, Milwaukee Co., WI (MS, 1993). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Graziano, Robert
Discontinuity Characterization and Core Analysis of Upper Silurian and Devonian Formations in Northeastern Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (MS, 1993). Advisor: Vincent Cronin

Kolb, Michael
The Holocene Geomorphic History of the Lower Crawfish River Valley in Southeastern Wisconsin (Ph.D., 1993). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Pearson, Robert
The Controls of Hydraulic Conductivity Distributions in the Silurian Aquifer at Omega Hills Landfill, Southeastern WI (MS, 1993). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Woo, Nam
Ground-Water Contamination from Lead Arsenate Mixing Sites in Door County, WI (Ph.D., 1993). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer


Clite, Nova
The Effect of Proposed Quarry Expansions on the Ground-Water System of Lisbon, Waukesha County, Wisconsin (M.S., 1992). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Estkowski, Linda
Soil Variations on a Toposequence in Southeast Fon du Lac County, Wisconsin (M.S., 1992). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Fassbender, Judy
Ground Water Fluxes Calculated from Chemical Budgets and Water Mass Balance Data for Beaver Lake, Waukesha County, Wisconsin (MS. M.S. Bruce E. Brown

McGinnis, Mitchell
Landslide-Hazards Assessment of Slopes in a Portion of Laurel Quadrangle, Santa Cruz County, California (MS, 1992). Advisor: Vincent Cronin

Mueller, Stephen
Three-Dimensional Digital Simulation of the Ground-Water Contribution to Lake Michigan from the Silurian Aquifer of Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 1992). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Small, Gregory
The Sorptive Behavior of Atrazine in Organic-Poor Soils (MS, 1992). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer


Clementi, Stephen
Inversion of Electrical Resistivity Profiling Data from Green Bay, Wisconsin (MS, 1991). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Kochis, Nancy
Variation in Soil Profile Character on the North- and South-facing Slopes of a Hill in the Kettle Interlobate Moraine, Wisconsin (MS, 1991). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Mecikalski, John
Cold Surges Along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains: Synoptic Classification and Case Study (MS, 1991). Advisor: Jeffery Tilley

Osborne, John
An Investigation of Coliform Bacteria Contamination in the Silurian Dolomite Aquifer in the Lisbon Township, Waukesha County, WI (MS, 1991). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Roth, J.
A Study of the Relationship Between Atmospheric Transport and Summer Weather Types in Northeastern Colorado Using Cluster Analysis (MS, 1991). Advisor: Jonathan Kahl

Schurter, Greg
A Seismotectonic and Lineament Analysis of the Nanga-Parbat-Haramosh Massif, Northwest Himalaya, Pakistan (MS, 1991). Advisor: Vince Cronin

Taugher, Timothy
The Chemical and Water Mass Balances in Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin (MS, 1991). Advisor: Bruce Brown

Young, Christine
Analysis of a Simple Climate Model, the Significance of Power Spectra, and the Validity of Power Laws (MS, 1991). Advisor: Anastasios Tsonis

Zhuang, Jianping
A Study of the Variability of the Global Climate System (MS, 1991). Advisor: Anastasios Tsonis


Elsner, Svetoslava
Analysis and Prediction of Local Precipitation for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (MS, 1990). Advisor: Anastasios Tsonis

Feeney, John
Paleomagnatism of Keweenawan Aga Baslats of the Chengwatana Volcanic Group in Polk County, Wisconsin (MS, 1990). Advisor: William Kean

Johanson, Jennifer
The Hydrogeologic Interaction Between the Milwaukee River and the Ground Water System at the Blue Hole Abandoned Landfill, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (MS, 1990). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Nader, David
Three- Dimensional Digital Simulation of the Ground Water-Lake Michigan Hydraulic Connection (MS, 1990). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Nehls, Todd
Analysis of Source Type and Geophone Coupling Effects on Shallow Seismic Signal Characteristics (MS, 1990). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Rovey, Charles
Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Silurian and Devonian Carbonates, Eastern Wisconsin, with Implications for Ground-Water Discharge into Lake Michigan (Ph.D., 1990). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Schabel, Mary
The Effects of Multiple Small-Scale Catastrophic Flooding on a Gully-Pond System (MS, 1990). Advisor: Norman Lasca

1980 – 1989


Aument, Bernice
Radium in Ground Water, Parent Radionuclide Concentration in the Cambro-Ordovician Sandstone Aquifer, Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties, Wisconsin (MS, 1989). Advisor: Gregory Mursky

Binder, Richard
The Contribution of Ground Water to Dry Season Flow from the Stewart Canyon Alpin Watershed, Custer Co., Idaho (MS, 1989). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Craig, Kevin
Determination of Ground-Water Discharge into Green Bay and Lake Michigan from the Door Peninsula, Wisconsin (MS, 1989). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Fitzgerld, Sharon
The Biogeochemistry of Amino Acids in Sediments from the Great Lakes (Ph.D., 1989). Advisor: Peter Sheehan

Karowski, Thomas
A Study of Ground-Water Monitoring Configurations (MS, 1989). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Manthey, Mark
Stratigraphy and Depositional History of the Lower Triassic Dinwoody, Woodside, and Basal Thaynes Formations Within and Eastward of the Thrust Belt of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming (MS, 1989). Advisor: Richard Paull

Reich, Laura
Geomagnetic Model of the St. Croix Horst in Polk County, WI (MS, 1989). Advisor: William Kean

Rutkowski, Mark
A Geophysical Study of the Radioactive Contamination in the Sandstone Aquifer of Eastern Wisconsin (MS, 1989). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Schalch, Linda
A Digital Simulation of Nitrate Transport within the Dolomite Aquifer System Underlying Door County, Wisconsin (MS, 1989). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Schneiker, Robert
Paleomagnetic Study of Hamilton Mounds and Baxtor Hollow of Central Wisconsin (MS, 1989). Advisor: William Kean

Wehrheim, Lawrence
An Estimation of the Amount and Location of Ground-Water Recharge in Northeastern Mequon, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin (MS, 1989). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Wiitala, Daniel
Compressional and Shear-Wave Seismic Refraction Studies of Glacial Sediment (MS, 1989). Advisor: Robert Taylor


Barreto, Laura
The Surficial Geology of Northern Washington County, Wisconsin (MS, 1988). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Borquaye, Samual
A Parametric Study of Basin Thickness Determined from Rayleigh Wave Inversion (MS, 1988). Advisor: Keith Sverdrup

Borucki, Mark
A Re-examination of Southeastern Wisconsin Bluff Stratigraphy and Correlation to Offshore Pleistocene Deposits (MS, 1988). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Bugs, Donna
The Persistance of Copper in the Robinson Reservoir, South Carolina (MS, 1988). Advisor: David N. Edgington

Carman, Eric
The Water Balance, Hydrogeology and Chemical Loading from Ground Water at Beaver Lake, Waukesha County, Wisconsin (MS, 1988). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Elsner, James
Analysis of Wet Season Rainfall Over the Nordeste of Brazil, South America (Ph.D., 1988). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Hagemann, Steffan
The Structure, Petrology and Geochemistry of the Gold Bearing Canastra Phyllites Near Luziania-Goias, Brazil (MS, 1988). Advisor: Gregory Mursky

Holmes, David
The Surficial Geology of Parts of Benton and Eastern Morrison Counties, Minnesota (MS, 1988). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Kraemer, Brad
Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Northeaster Limits of the Lower Triassic Dinwoody Formation and Associated Strata in Southwestern Montana and Adjacent Areas in Wyoming and Idaho (MS, 1988). Advisor: Richard Paull

Lennartson, Gerald
A Study of the Relationship Between Incoming Long-Wave Radiation and Synoptic-Scale Weather Systems (MS, 1988). Advisor: David Miller

Liu, Xijin
Mineralogical and Textural Variations of New Ulm and Granite Falls Tills from Bruce Browns Valley to Mankato, Southwestern, Minnesota (MS, 1988). Advisor: Norman Lasca

McKereghan, Peter
Digital Simulation of Chlorite Transport in the Silurian Dolomite Aquifer in Door County, Wisconsin (MS, 1988). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Nieland, Connie
Migration of Chloride and Sulfate Within the Peat of the Cedarburg Bog (MS, 1988). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Pirelli, Anthony
Development and Testing of a Remotely Installed Lake Seepage Meter (MS, 1988). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Schlipp, Wayne
Paleoenvironment Analysis Based on the Microfossils of the Lower Permian Elephant Canyon Formation, Canyonlands National Park, Utah (MS, 1988). Advisor: Robert Gernant

Stanton, Linda
Early and Middle Llandovery (Silurian) Brachiopods from the Bowling Green Dolomite (Edgewood Group), Northeastern Missouri (MS, 1988). Advisor: Peter Sheehan

Volk, Donna (MS, 1988)


Anderson, Robert
Geophysical Determination and Computer Modelling of Groundwater Flux through Lake Sediments: Lake St. Clair, Michigan/Ontario (MS, 1987). Advisor: Richard Paull

Brennan, Brian
Silurian and Devonian Rocks Along the Upper Reaches of the North Fork of the Big Lost River (MS, 1987). Advisor: Richard Paull

Brusky, Eugene
A Comparison Study of Two Mesoscale Convective Complexes Evolving Within Similar Large-scale Environments (MS, 1987). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Coholich, Philip
Electrical Longitudinal Conductance Derived from Iterative Inversion (MS, 1987). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Cruciani, Cynthia
Prediction of Nitrate Contamination Potential Using Known Hydrogeologic Properties (MS, 1987). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Fenelon, Bernard
Potential Uses for Induced Polarization in Groundwater Investigations (MS, 1987). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Krumenacher, Mark
Detection of Organic Ground Water Contamination Using the Induced Polarization Method (MS, 1987). Advisor: Robert Taylor

McBride, John
Measurement of Ground Water Flow to the Detroit River, Michigan and Ontario (MS, 1987). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

McLinn, Eugene
An Electrical Resistivity Borehole Dilution Device for the Determination of Ground-Water Flux (MS, 1987). Advisor: Carl Palmer

Milender, Kenneth
An Engineering Geologic Study of Lake Bluff Stability, Shorewood, Wisconsin (MS, 1987). Advisor: Howard J. Pincus

Moll, J.
Magnetic Survey of the Waukesha Fault in Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 1987). Advisor: Keith Sverdrup

Nemchak, Frank
The Sedimentology of a Late Pleistocene Outwash Deposit in Plymouth Township, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin (MS, 1987). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Paul, Duane
The Effect of Construction, Installation, and Development Techniques on the Performance of Monitoring Wells in Fine-Grained Glacial Tills (MS, 1987). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Skowronski, James
A Synoptic Climatology of Major Snowstorms at Milwaukee (MS, 1987). Advisor: Anastasios A. Tsonis

Weyer, Laura
The Application of Optical Diffraction Analysis to the Study of Microfracture Propagation and the Contribution of Microfractures to Rock Failure (MS, 1987). Advisor: Howard Pincus


Brinkmann, Robert
Surficial Geology of the Eau Galle Basin, Wisconsin (MS, 1986). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Burke, Patricia (MS, 1986).

Carney, Michael
The Relation of Permeability to the Porosity, Grain Size, and Packing Geometry of Aggregates of Artifical and Natural Grains (MS, 1986). Advisor: Howard Pincus

Fenelon, Joseph
Glacial Geology of the Cramer Quadrangle, Northeastern Minnesota (MS, 1986). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Kane, Kevin
Magnetic Surveys Conducted in Eastern South Dakota to Examine the Great Lakes Tectonic Zone and Igneous Intrusives (MS, 1986). Advisor: Keith Sverdrup

LoDuca, Steven
Stratigraphy of the Middle Ordovician Sinnipee Group in Northeastern Wisconsin (MS, 1986). Advisor: Richard Paull

Marz, Penny
Depositional History of the Mink River Area, Door County, Wisconsin (MS, 1986). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Melka, Timothy
The Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology of the Iron Bog Alpine Wetland, Custer County, Idaho (MS, 1986). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Miller, Roger
Sedimentary Microstructures of Surficial Sediments in Lower Green Bay, Lake Michigan (MS, 1986). Advisor: Larry Boyer

Miller, Krystine (MS, 1986).

Mize, Thomas
Magnetic Survey Across the Niagra Fault in Northern Wisconsin (MS, 1986). Advisor: William Kean

O’Bright, David
Significance of the Lower-Upper Cretaceous Unconformity to Oil and Gas Accumulations in East-Central Louisiana and Adjacent Mississippi (MS, 1986). Advisor: Richard Paull

Straka, Jerry
A Mesoscale Numerical Study of Environmental Conditions Preceeding the 08 June 1984 Tornado Outbreak in South-Central Wisconsin (MS, 1986). Advisor: Robert Ballentine

Yuen, Cheong-Yip
Photoelastic Properties of Ice Single-Crystals (Ph.D., 1986). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Zelewski, Krystine
Flow Induced C-Axis Orientations in Freshwater Ice (MS, 1986). Advisor: Norman Lasca


Byers, Jay
An Evaluation of Archie’s Equation When Applied to Unconsolidated Sediment (MS, 1985). Advisor: Robert Taylor

De Kruyter, Mark
The Quaternary Geology of Plum Creek Valley, Wisconsin (MS, 1985). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Deering, Lynn
The Use and Limitations of 210Pb and 137Cs Geochronology to Date Recent Sediments in Green Bay, Lake Michigan (MS, 1985). Advisor: David Edgington

Gnabasik, Barbara
The Hydrogeology of the Niagra Escarpment near Neda, Dodge County, Wisconsin (MS, 1985). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Hampton, Mark
Relationships Between Low Flow Stream Conditions and Geologic and Physiographic Characteristics of Drainage Basins in an Alpine Environment (MS, 1985). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Henckel, Elaine
Paleomagnetic Study of Ryolites and Granites in the Fox River Valley Area of South-Central Wisconsin (MS, 1985). Advisor: William Kean

Herb, Sharon
Gravity Survey of the Waukesha Fault in Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 1985). Advisor: Keith Sverdrup

Lambert, Stephen
Spectral Amplitude Studies of Two-Dimentional Electrical Measurements (MS, 1985). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Lawton, Kevin
The Use of Rayleigh Wave Inversion as a Basis for Determining Sedimentary Basin Thickness (MS, 1985). Advisor: Keith Sverdrup

Majewski, Michael
Possible Triggering Mechanisms of Severe Storms for SESAME-AVE V (20-21 May 1979) (MS, 1985). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Mullen, Christopher
Structure and Stratigraphy of Triassic Rocks in the Immigrant Canyon Area, Northeast Elko County Nevada (MS, 1985). Advisor: Richard Paull

Mullen, Donna
Structure and Stratigraphy of Triassic Rocks in the Long Canyon Area, Northeastern Elko County, Nevada (MS, 1985). Advisor: Richard Paull

Nibbe, Rod
The Application of the Direct Inversion of Electrical Data to Hydrogeologic Investigations (MS, 1985). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Palispis, Jaime
Direct Shear Strengths of Dolomite-Dolomite and Dolomite-Concrete Interfaces (Ph.D., 1985). Advisor: Howard J. Pincus

Wolske, Roxane
Paleomagnetic Study of the Barron Quartzite of Northwestern Wisconsin (MS, 1985). Advisor: William Kean


Anderson, Amy
Condont Boistratigraphy of the Lower Triassic Dinwoody Formation in the Meade Plate, Southeastern Idaho (MS, 1984). Advisor: Richard Paull

Benante, Joanne
Studies of Natural and Artifical Radionuclides in Recent Lake Michigan Sediments (MS, 1984). Advisor: David Edgington

Biller, Martin
Seismic Refraction Studies in Lake Michigan Sediments (MS, 1984). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Bishea, Douglas
Induced Polarization Measurements and their Relationship tp Hydraulic Parameters in Lake Michigan (MS, 1984). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Doyle, Alison
Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Jurassic Gypsum Spring and Sundance Formations, Sheep Mountain Anticline Area, Big Horn, Wyoming (MS, 1984). Advisor: Richard Paull

Eckert, Jeffrey
Paleomagnetism of the Middle Ordovician St. Peter Sanstone in Southern Wisconsin (MS, 1984). Advisor: William Kean

Elsner, James
Kinetic Energy Budgets of a Synoptic Disturbances Over the Philippine During WMONEX (MS, 1984). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Emerick, John
Depositional Environments of Ordovician and Silurian Rocks Near Neda, Wisconsin (MS, 1984). Advisor: Richard Paull

Goswami, Virendra
A Satellite Study of Cloud Clusters Over South-East Asia During SMONEX-79 (MS, 1984). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Hassler, Michael
The Correlation of Core Studies with Geophysical Field Measurements for Green Bay Sediments (MS, 1984). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Hensel, Bruce
The Spatial Distribution of Hydrogeologic Conditions Along the Lake Michigan Shoreline in Wisconsin (MS, 1984). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Mercer, David
Paleomagnetism of the Baraboo Quartzite (MS, 1984). Advisor: William Kean

Schiefelbein, Debra
Carbonate Lithofacies and Depositional Environments of the Upper Ordovician-Lower Silurian Hanson Creek Formation, Central Nevada (MS, 1984). Advisor: Peter Sheehan

Shen, Elizabeth
A Sediment-Profile Camera Study of the Sediment-Water Interface in Milwaukee Harbor, Milwaukee (MS, 1984). Advisor: Larry Boyer

Winkler, Ron
Radionuclide Geochronology in Beaver Lake, Wisconsin (MS, 1984). Advisor: Bruce Brown


Bartling, Brian
Rayleigh Wave Propagation in Fractured Sedimentary Rock (MS, 1983). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Brukardt, Susan
Gravity Survey of Waukesha County, Wisconsin (MS, 1983). Advisor: William Kean

Bues, Diane
The Hydrogeologic Relationship Between Lake Michigan and a Shallow Dolomite Aquifer at Mequon, Wisconsin (MS, 1983). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Burke, Collette
Ostracod Shape Analysis and Depp Basin Paleoecology of the Lake Michigan Basin (Ph.D., 1983). Advisor: Robert Gernant

Colville, Valerie
Ordovician-Silurian Eustatic Sea Level Changes at Limestone Mountain, Houghton County, Michigan (MS, 1983). Advisor: Peter Sheehan

Frechette, William
An Analysis of Ground Vibrations from VIBROSESIS Vibrators (MS, 1983). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Jansen, John
A Geophysical Evaluatio of a Proposed Landfill Site in Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 1983). Advisor: William Kean

Kesy, Janis (MS, 1983). Advisor:

Kumbalek, Steven
Digital Processing and Interaction of a Seismic Reflection Survey on the Mississippi River Near New Madrid, Missouri (MS, 1983). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Labandeira, Conrad
Paleobiology of the Dikelocephalidae (Trilobita, Upper Cambrian) and Systematic Revision of the Genus Dikelocephalus (Owen), With Special Reference to Changing Spacies Concepts in American Paleontologic Thought (MS, 1983). Advisor: Peter Sheehan

Liaskos, Dimitrios
Resources Estimation from Historical Data. Upper Mississippi Valley, Tri-State, and Mid-Tennessee Base-Metal Districts: Zinc, Lead Test Cases (MS, 1983). Advisor: Gregory Mursky

Rovey, Charles
Computer Modeling of the Interaction Between Lake Michigan and the Dolomite Aquifer at Mequon, Wisconsin (MS, 1983). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Schlosser, Thomas
Surficial Geology of the Western Lake Nipigon Area, Ontario (MS, 1983). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Spoerl, Carol
Modeling Porosity, Permeability and Microstructure of the St. Peter Sandstone (MS, 1983). Advisor: Howard Pincus

Voltz, Charles
Paleomagnetism of the Upper Ordovician Maquoketa Shale and Lower Silurian Dolomite in Eastern Wisconsin (MS, 1983). Advisor: William Kean

Zakrzewski, Allan
Effects of Radial, Cyclical Flow of Heated, Compressed Air in Upper Cambrian Sandstones of Northwest Illinois (MS, 1983). Advisor: Howard Pincus

Zvibleman, Barry
The Feasibility of Induced Recharged for the City of Mequon (MS, 1983). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer


Bailey, William
Petrology of Selected Granites in Northern Wisconsin (MS, 1982). Advisor: Gregory Mursky

Bleem, Jeanice
The Quaternary Geology of the Darling Creek Drainage, Williams Fork Mountains, Colorado (MS, 1982). Advsior: Norman Lasca

Doyle, Kevin
Stratigraphy, Sedimentary Petrology and Hydrocarbon Occurrence in Lower Ordovician Rocks of the Deep Central Michigan Basin (MS, 1982). Advisor: Richard Paull

Eisert, Janet
An Evaluation and Depositional Hypothesis for Holocene Black Clay Laminations in Lake Michigan Sediment Cores (MS, 1982). Advisor: Raymond Kaczorowski

El-Debailo, Suliman
Analytical Investigation of Meso-Scale Boundary Layer Forced by Surface Temperature Variation in a Stratified Sheared Atmosphere (MS, 1982). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Fox, David
Atmospheric Sciences, Kinematic and Momentum Budget of an Evolving Severe Storm System during SESAME (MS, 1982). Avisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Fritz, Dale
The Groundwateer Hydrology of the Loess Lake, North Bark Lake, and South Bark Lake Wetlands with Implications for a New Wetland Classification Scheme (MS, 1982). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Howland, Michael
A Moisture Budget Over the NE Arabian Sea During Premonsoon and Monsoon Onset (MS, 1982): Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Johnson, James
The Development and Geologic History of Linear Sand Shoals in Green Bay, Wisconsin (MS, 1982). Advisor: Raymond Kaczorowski

Jorsch, James
Stratigraphy of Upper Ordovician and Silurian Rocks in South-Central Idaho (MS, 1982). Advisor: Richard Paull

Kostenko, James
Fractionation of Lead-210 in Lake Michigan Sediments (MS, 1982). Advisor: Bruce Brown

Krolow, Mark
Resistivity and Seismic Measurements in the Detection of Fracture Direction (MS, 1982). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Lascelles, Peter
Paleoenvironments of the Permian Elephant Canyon Formation, Canyonlands National Park, Utah (MS, 1982). Advisor: Robert Gernant

Leipzig, Martin
Stratigraphy, Sedimentation and Depositional Environments of the Late Cretaceous Pictured Cliffs Sandstone, Fruitland Formation, Kirtland Shale and Early Tertiary Ojo Alamo Sandstone, Eastern San Juan Basin, New Mexico (MS, 1982). Advisor: Robert West

Lyon, Robert
Process Response Model for the Formation of Point Bars on the Chippewa River, Wisconsin (MS, 1982). Advisor: Richard Paull

Martin, Steven
Hydrogeology of a Dolomite Aquifer and Interaction with an Overlying Wetland in Northeastern Waukesha County, Wisconsin (MS, 1982). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Neumann, Lynda
The Hydrogeology of Menomonee Fall, Wisconsin (MS, 1982). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Pandolfi, John
Late Ordovician Corals and Depositional Environments of the Eastern Great Basin, Utah and Nevada (MS, 1982). Advisor: Peter Sheehan

Schallhorn, Janis
Geochemistry of Coal-Fly Ash Leachates and Their Interaction with Glacial Sediment (MS, 1982). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Schwetz, Diane
Radioscope Geochronology of Sediments in Green Bay, Lake Michigan (MS, 1982). Advisor: David Edgington

White, Richard
Sediment Provenance and Dispersal in Green Bay, Michigan (MS, 1982). Advisor: Bruce Brown


Aluka, Innocent
Pleistocene Stratigraphy of Southern Milwuakee County, Wisconsin (MS, 1981). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Carpenter, Roger
Lithofacies and Depositional Evnironments of the Upper Ordovician-Lower Silurian Carbonates of the Eastern Great Basin, Utah and Nevada (MS, 1981). Advisor: Peter Sheehan

Ethetton, Laura (MS, 1981)

Goodell, Michael
Lake Resistivity Measurements and Their Relationship tp Hydrogeologic Parameters (MS, 1981). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Hackenberg, Robert
Uramnium and Thorium Mobilization in Selected Precambrian Metamorphic Rocks in Northern Michigan (MS, 1981). Advisor: Gregory Mursky

Herrick-Ehetton, Laura
Correlation of Mineral and Mechanical Parameters Selected Cores for the Red Clay Soil, Douglas County, Wisconsin (MS, 1981). ADvisor: Robert Taylor

Hinkley, Bruce
The Glacial Geology of the Upper Adler Creek and Iron Bog Creek Butte and Custer Counties, South-Central Idaho (MS, 1981). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Jerskey, Richard
A Paleomagnetic Study of the Bridger Formation, Southern Green river Basin, Wyoming (MS, 1981). Advisor: William Kean

Smith, Larry
The Inteaction of an Ice Sheet with Harbor Structures in McKinley Marina, Milwaukee, WI (MS, 1981). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Sunde, Robert
Geologic Controls on Oil and Gas Occurrence in the Gidding Field, Lee and Burleson Counties, Texas (MS, 1981). Advisor: Richard Paull

Swingen, Regina
Evaluation of the St. Peters Sandstone and Joachim Dolomite for Compressed Air Energy Storage, with Emphasis on Thermal Properties (MS, 1981). Advisor: Howard Pincus

Synowiec, Karen
Stratigraphy of the Neda Formation in Eastern Wisconsin, Nothern Illinois and Eastern Iowa (MS, 1981). Advisor: Richard Paull

Thompson, Debora
Hydrogeology of the Niagra Dolomite Aquifer at Wind Point, Wisconsin and its Interaction with Lake Michigan (MS, 1981). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Zager, John
The Interaction of Surface and Ground Water in Lower Nashota Lake, Waukesha County, WI (MS, 1981). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer


Bruss, Larry
On Vertical Velocity, Mass Flux, Entrainment Rate and Latent Heat Release in a Tornadic Thunderstorm (MS, 1980). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Cook, Timothy
The Dispersion of Uranium and Thorium During Weathering of a Rapakivi Granite Near Wausau, Wisconsin (MS, 1980). Advisor: Gregory Mursky

Ethetton, Lee
A Computer Automated Land Magetic Survey System (MS, 1980). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Gagnon, William
Geology of Argosy Creek and Adjacent Areas, Pioneer Mountains, Balin and Custer Counties, South-Central Idaho (MS, 1980). Advisor: Richard Paull

Gross, Oliver
Compressed Air Energy Storage in Cambro-Ordovician Sandstones of Eastern Iowa and Southwestern Wisconsin (MS, 1980). Advisor: Howard Pincus

Grueter, Joyce
Petrology and Structure of the Archean-aged Metamorphic and Igneous Rocks Exposed Adjacent to the Yellow River, Chippewa County, Wisconsin (MS, 1980). Advisor: Gregory Mursky

Hopper, John
The Effects on Rock Properties of Cycling Heated Compressed Air in Selected Rocks, with Emphasis on Thermal Properties (MS, 1980). Advisor: Howard Pincus

Ladwig, Kenneth
Groundwater Flow Between Shallow Glacial Aquifer and the Cedarburg Bog Wetland Area, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin (MS, 1980). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

LeNoble, Michael
Seismic Precursors to Icequakes: A Feasibility Study to Determine the Applicability of Icequakes as a Scale Model for Earthquake Mechanism and Prediction Analysis (MS, 1980). Advisor: David Willis

Leischer, Clayton
The Effect of Coal Fly-Ash Leachate from a Landfill Site on the Shallow Groundwater System Near Saukville, Wisconsin (MS, 1980). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Mack, Robert
The Estimation of Condensation for a Severe Storm System from Satellite Observed Convective Mass Flux (MS, 1980). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Peters, Joseph
The Geology of a Greenstone Belt in Sothern Iron County, Wisconsin (MS, 1980). Advisor: Gregory Mursky

Poplin, J.
Temperature and other Factors Affecting Freshwater Ice Compressive Strength and Elastic Modulii (MS, 1980). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Rosauer, Mark
Seismic and Acoustic Ship Signatures During Winter Navigation on the St. Mary’s River (MS, 1980). Advisor: David Willis

Tedrahn, David
Rayleigh Wave Dispersion and Its Relation to Porosity (MS, 1980). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Vinson, Thomas
A Paleomagnetic Study of the Upper Cretaceous to Early Eocene Eureka Sound Formation, Strathoona Fiord, Ellesmere Island, Canada (MS, 1980). Advisor: William Kean

Wolbrink, Mark
Geology of the Mackay 3NW Quadrangle, Custer and Blaine Counties, Idaho (MS, 1980). Advisor: Richard Paull

1970 – 1979


Adamski, William
A Case Study of a Large-Scale Gate Cloud Band (MS, 1979). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Albrecht, Richard
The Effect of Lake Michigan on Precipitation Along the Western Shoreline (MS, 1979). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Alderks, David
The Paleoenvironment of the Guttenburg Limestone (Middle Precambrian) Quartzite-Conglomerate Units in Northern Wisconsin (MS, 1979). Advisor: Robert Gernant

Anderson, James
Radiometric Study of Selected Middle Precambrian Quartzite-Conglomerate Units in Northern Wisconsin (MS, 1979). Advisor: Gregory Mursky

Baumann, Warren
In Situ Stress Measurements in a Freshwater Ice Sheet. MS 1979 Norman Lasca

Burns, Scott
Comparison of Statistically Seismically, and Ultrasonically Determined Young’s Modulus for Polycrystalline Freshwater Ice (MS, 1979). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Gajkowski, Wynn
Transient Creep and Stress History for Polycrystalline Freshwater-Ice (MS, 1979). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Gartmann, Charles
Structural Geology in Northwestern Marathon County, Wisconsin (MS, 1979). Advisor: Howard Pincus

Hentz, Steven
Time Variations of the Mass Flux and Dynamic Structure of a Gate Cloud Cluster (MS, 1979). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Klebold, Thomas
The Paleomagnetic Characteristics of Sediments from the Cedarburg Bog, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin (MS, 1979). Advisor: William Kean

Lawton, Dennis
Ground Water Conditions in a Shallow Dolomite Aquifer in Northwestern Milwaukee and Southeastern Ozaukee Counties, Wisconsin (MS, 1979). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Marshall, Timothy
Compressed Air Storage in Paleozoic Sandstones Southeastern Minnesota (MS, 1979). Advisor: Howard Pincus

Murphy, Peter
Ground-Water and Surface-Water Relations in a Portion of the Oconomowoc-Waukesha Lake District, Waukesha, County, Wisconsin (MS, 1979). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Ostenso, Nile
Soil Moisture Detection Using 35MM Aerial Photography (MS, 1979). Advisor: Dahirendran Sikdar

Overton, Deborah
A Mineralogical Study of the Red Clay in Douglas County, Wisconsin (MS, 1979). Advisor: Bruce Brown

Rogers, Robert
Electrical Resistivity Monitoring of Fly Ash Leachate in a Glacial Aquifer (MS, 1979). Advisor: William Kean

Siemann-Gartmann, Susan
Microfauna Associated with Crinoid Root Systems of the Wenlockian Waldron Shale in Southeastern Indiana(MS, 1979). Advisor: Katherine Nelson

Sivon, Paul
Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Maquoketa Group (Upper Ordovician) at Wequiock Creek, Eastern Wisconsin (MS, 1979). Advisor: Peter Sheehan

Smith, Jan
Tensile Strength Symmetry of Poloycystalline Freshwater Ice (MS, 1979). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Wierman, Douglas
The Hydrogeology of the Cedarburg Bog Area (MS, 1979). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Winkle, Candace
The Paleoenvironment of the Cedar Valley Limestone (Middle Devonian) in Northwestern Illinois (MS, 1979). Advisor: Robert Gernant

Yellin, Samuel
Ice Tectonics and Icequake Occurrence on Green Bay, Wisconsin (MS, 1979). Advisor: David Willis

Yuen, Cheong-Yip
The Clay Minerology and Chemical Composition of Sediments in Hadidi Northern Syria (MS, 1979). Advisor: Norman Lasca


Cutler, Robert
Laboratory Studies of of the Effects of Compressed Air Energy Storage on Selected Reservoir Rock and Cap Rock (MS, 1978). Advisor: Howard Pincus

Fleming, Alfred
The Effects of Urbanization on Channel Morphology in Southeastern Wisconsin (MS, 1978). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Kelley, Barbara
Quantitative Mineralogy of Lake Michigan Piston Cores Used for Paleomagnetic Determinations (MS, 1978). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Klauk, Robert
Stratagraphic and Engineering Study of the Lake Michigan Shore-Zone Bluff in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (MS, 1978). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Meddaugh, William
The Distribution of Uranium and Thorium in the Wolf River Batholith (MS, 1978). Advisor: Charles Salotti

Melnychemko, Paul
Geology of the Iron Bog Creek Area, Butte and Custer Counties, South-Central Idaho (MS, 1978). Advisor: Richard Paull

Mendoza, Carlos
An Investigation Into the Possibility of Slow-Rate Triggering of Low Magnitude Earthquakes by Nuclear Explosions (MS, 1978). Advisor: David Willis

Miron, Mark
The Paleoecologic Significance of the Receptaculida in the Galena Formation (MS, 1978). Advisor: Robert Gernant

Peltonen, Dean
A Geochemical and Biogeochemical Survey of a Part of Iron County, Wisconsin (MS, 1978). Advisor: Charles Salotti

Piotruszewicz, Michael
An Analysis of a Drill Core from Western Clark County, Wisconsin (MS, 1978). Advisor: Charles Salotti

Rose, James
The Engineering Geology of the Eastern Menomonee River Valley Area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (MS, 1978). Advisor: Howard Pincus

Schramm, Donna
Geology of the Muldoon Canyon – Muldoon Creek Area, South-Central Idaho (MS, 1978). Advisor: Richard Paull

Socci, Anthony
The Sedimentary Petrology of Bridger C in the Southern Green River Basin, Southern Wyoming (MS, 1978). Advisor: R. Gordon Pirie

Steffens, Thomas
A Mineralogical and Chemical Study of the Milwaukee Harbor Sediments (MS, 1978). Advisor: Bruce Brown

Strasen, James
Nearshore Sedimentary Dynamics in Western Lake Michigan at Terry Andrae-Kohler State Park, Wisconsin (MS, 1978). Advisor: Robert Gernant

Winthrop, Claudia (MS, 1978). Advisor:


Davies, Scott
A Parametric Study of Rayleigh Energy Radiated from Forging Source (MS, 1977). Advisor: Robert Taylor

Davis, Craig
Geology of the Quinnesec Formation in Southeastern Florence County, Wisconsin (MS, 1977). Advisor: Gregory Mursky

Hall, Daniel
The Hydrology of the Saukville Fly-Ash Landfill (MS, 1977). Advisor: Douglas Cherkauer

Johnson, John
Paleoecological Analysis of the Fremont Formation (Upper Ordovician), Canon City Embayment, Colorado (MS, 1977). Advisor: Gregory Mursky

Leonard, Patricia
Calculated Permeabilities of Sands by the Modified Kozeny Equation (MS, 1977). Advisor: Howard Pincus

Martinson, Timothy
Geology of the Trail Creek Area, Boulder Mountians, Blaine and Custer Counties, Idaho (MS, 1977). Advisor: Norman Lasca

Stubernauch, Alan
Sesmicity of the Nevada Test Site: April 1, 1972 to October 1, 1975 (MS, 1977). Advisor: David Willis

Sylvester, Kathleen
Paleontological and Stratigraphical Study of the Racine Dolomite (Middle Silurian) at Racine, WI (MS, 1977). Advisor: Katherine Nelson

Thompson, Mark
Geology of the Thompson Creek-Slate Area, South-Central Idaho (MS, 1977). Advisor: Richard Paull

Wimmer, Joseph
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Andrews, Richard
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