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Courses Offered

See our course rotation as well as a full list of Department courses with descriptions.

Geosciences Truck Rental form

Fill out the form to rent out the Department truck (you must be on the approved driver list PRIOR to renting).

Honors in the Major

A list of Geosciences students who graduated with honors.


The Department of Geosciences offer several scholarships to Geosciences students each year. Students are encouraged to apply for any scholarship they qualify for. All students must be a Geosciences major with a 3.0 cumulative gpa.

Visit our Scholarships & Awards page for further information.

Field Camp

Field camp is a tradition in the education of a geologist. It is an intensive course that applies classroom and laboratory training to solving geological problems in the field. Skills developed during field camp typically include: collection of geologic data, constructing a measured section, interpreting geologic structures, and geologic mapping.

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Geosciences Jobs

A listing of Geosciences careers and job search resources.

Geology Club

Everyone is welcome you don’t have to be a geology major to attend. Bring your rock samples or pictures for show-and-tell. Join a road trip. Get field experience. Meet other students.

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