Scholarships | Awards

Julie Browles with students in the field.

The Department of Geosciences offer several scholarships to Geosciences students each year. Students are encouraged to apply for any scholarship they qualify for. All students must be a Geosciences major with a 3.0 cumulative gpa. Most application deadlines are in spring (March & April) and scholarship recipients are announced at the annual student recognition banquet at the end of the spring semester.

Summer Field Work Scholarships

Summer Field Work Scholarships are awarded from the Department’s Memorial Funds for:

  • Dr. Katherine Greacon Nelson, founder of the Geosciences Department
  • Dr. Robert E. Gernant, former Geosciences Professor
  • L. Joseph Lukowicz, former Geosciences student

Eligibility requirements and selection process:

  • Undergraduate students conducting summer field work, especially those taking a field camp to complete their Bachelor of Science degree for UWM (Geo Sci 455 – Field Geology).
  • This academic year’s Summer Field Scholarships deadline and application instructions will be announced in March, 2016.
  • Number of awards and amount vary, average award between $250 and $500

Geosciences Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Award Information:

  • Number of awards and amount vary; average award is between $200-$500.
  • Will be made available in the Fall semester and is meant to be used to offset the cost for those students who are currently performing their own research or plan on doing research within the academic year.

Eligibility requirements and selection process:

  • Geosciences undergraduate students, first priority given to students who have already declared their major or minor in the Department of Geosciences.
  • Applications will be solicited and due in the prior Spring semester before the end of the academic year. Recipients will be announced at the annual Student Recognition Banquet.
  • Applications must be submitted along with an abstract for the research project each student is currently involved in or one that will begin the following academic year.
  • Recipients are expected to give a presentation on their research at the annual Student Research Symposium the following spring.
  • Application deadlines will be announced in Spring 2016.

Student Research Symposium Award

Award Information and Selection Process:

  • Undergraduates and Graduates are urged to participate in the Annual Student Research Symposium by submitting an abstract and giving a brief presentation about the research projects they are currently working on.
    • Abstracts submissions should be limited to a 300 word description of your research project and include a 150 word introduction/bio about yourself. Please also include a picture that we can use in the program.
    • A faculty committee will review each submition and determine whether the student will give an oral presentation or a poster presentation.
  • Best Graduate and Undergraduate Presentation Awards are given to the recipients of the highest scores received from a judging panel of department faculty. The recipient is honored at the Annual Student Recognition Banquet and receives a cash award of $100.
  • Abstract submission deadlines will be announced in February