The Department of Geosciences offers a major in geosciences leading to either the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

The BS Option in Geology and Geophysics leads to the BS degree and is designed to prepare students to enter graduate programs or to work as professional geoscientists in a wide range of disciplines, including hydrogeology, engineering geoscience, petroleum or mineral exploration and development, environmental geoscience, and other facets of geosciences.

The BA Option in the major is designed for students, including primary and secondary school teachers, who have a broad interest in the earth sciences. The department also offers a minor in geosciences to allow students to combine a geosciences background with other majors.


The Geosciences departments is is interesting and welcoming department. We have two student-run clubs in the Department; the Geology Club and the Paleontology Club. A student lounge on the second floor (Lapham 274) has been generously furnished by UWM Geosciences alumni, and it is specifically set aside for Geosciences undergraduate and graduate student use. Please make use of it!

Undergraduate Advising

For complete information, please visit our Undergraduate Advising page.

Meet with your Geosciences faculty advisor to help you successfully navigate through your undergraduate degree:

  1. You need to contact and meet with our Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, Dr. Lindsay McHenry. She will advise you on your Geosciences courses only. Your L&S advisor will advise you on college requirements for graduation.
  2. Majors courses are offered on a regular rotation and can be viewed on the Courses page. Retirements, sabbatical leaves, and other circumstances sometimes may alter this rotation. Be sure to talk to your advisor as you plan out your course sequence.
  3. There is a requirement to take a summer field course (typically 5-6 weeks long). There are many throughout the country that are acceptable. We are also in a consortial agreement with the South Dakota School of Mines to provide our students a discounted tuition at their field camp. In addition, there are scholarships available from our department and from the South Dakota school of Mines to help defray field camp costs. (Again, talk to your advisor).