‘Good for the Soul’: Giant Murals Turn São Paulo Into Open Air Gallery

The New York Times published an article last month about the acclaimed street art of São Paulo, which has become a lauded part of the cityscape after years of this type of art being illegal and looked down upon. As mentioned in the article, the São Paulo mayor’s office launched an online platform to see a lot of these beautiful works in an immersive experience. Street Art Museum 360 can be found here. Another form of iconic paulistano street art, known as pixação, is less accepted in city society. Pixadores practice a rather unique form of graffiti that is identifiable by words and phrases written in script reminiscent of heavy metal music album covers, often sharing heavily political messages. The Guardian has an article from 2016 about the history behind this iconic art form, found here. There’s also a film called Pixo that may be useful in introducing these types of art forms to your students. This film is in Portuguese with English subtitles, is unrated, and can be found here.