FOUND: After Dodging Rediscovery For Nearly 16 Years, A Tiny Bird Reveals Itself To Expedition In Venezuela

The American Bird Conservancy shared news on June 3rd that a bird that hasn’t been seen for 16 years was spotted again in Venezuela. Urich’s Tyrannulet has only been scientifically documented four times since its first description in 1899 and is one of the most poorly known birds on the continent of South America. Find that article here. In other area bird news, British music producer Robin Perkins has been creating electronic music using the calls of threatened or endangered birds of Latin America and the Caribbean to bring awareness to these species, and all the profits from these songs go to support conservation work in the communities where these birds are found. Find the Audubon article on Robin Perkins’ music here. To see some birds in action, head over to Netflix for the short film Birders which focuses on birdwatchers on each side of the US-Mexico border during migration season.