CLACS 2020-21 Award Recipients

Congratulations to our UWM faculty and students, and our Regional faculty who have received awards from CLACS during the 2020-21 academic year. CLACS awarded over $55,000 in funding this year!

UWM Faculty Research-Conference:

  • Susana Antunes (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Nancy Bird-Soto (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Sarah Davies Cordova (FICL)
  • César Ferreira (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Andy Miller (Dance)
  • Gladys Mitchell-Walthour (AADS)
  • Amy Olen (Translation & Interpreting)
  • Dante Salto (Administrative Leadership)

Regional Faculty Research-Conference:

  • Manuel Fernandez (UW-Eau Claire)
  • Thomas Genova (University of Minnesota Morris)
  • Eduardo Magalhāes (Simpson College)
  • Benjamín Narváez (University of Minnesota Morris)
  • Brian Palmer-Rubin (Marquette University)
  • Michelle Pinzl (Viterbo University)
  • Monica Unda-Gutierrez (Marquette University)

UWM Graduate Student Research-Conference:

  • Jomarie Coloriano (Cultural Foundation of Education)
  • Emily Crain-Castle (Sustainable Peacebuilding)
  • Christián Doig Ruiz (Spanish)
  • Samantha Hagle (Political Science)
  • Karlies Kelley Vedula (Dance)
  • Jamie Landry (Sustainable Peacebuilding)
  • Paulina Lim (Psychology)
  • Eduardo Menozzo da Rosa (Geoscience)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship-Undergraduate:

  • Maia Diedrich (Global Studies)
  • Livia Klechefski (Geography)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship-Graduate:

  • Jomarie Coloriano (Cultural Foundation of Education)
  • Vanessa Schlais (Information Studies)