Our Graduates

More than one hundred language services professionals have graduated from Translation & Interpreting Studies. Our graduates go on to a variety of industry and academic positions. Most enter the language services industry. Many have launched successful freelance businesses in the US and abroad. Others have secured positions as CEOs, sales or project managers, editors, quality control specialists, or translators in translation companies across the globe.

We also have alumni active in academia, chairing or teaching in translation and/or interpreting programs across the nation. Approximately five per cent of our graduates pursue PhD studies, and many of them are employed in academic positions in the US and abroad.

Congratulations to our recent graduates

Graduate Certificate

Leah Klatt (German to English) ​
Athena Malone (German to English)
Julia Witzmann Courtney (German to English)


Elisabeth Granley (Spanish to English) ​
Emily Judkins (French to English and Spanish to English) ​
Rachel Kramer (Spanish to English and MLIS) ​
Katelynn Latta (Accelerated BA French and Global Studies and MA in French to English Translation and Interpreting)
Ashley Leonardelli (Spanish to English Translation and Interpreting)
Kayla Sanger (French to English and French Literature)
Sean Urness (Spanish to English) ​
Cristobal Valdebenito (English to Spanish)
Stefan Zeidler (German to English and German Literature)

Best wishes for your continued success!

“I got my Master’s in Translation from UWM and within six months I was able to pay my bills working as a freelance translator & interpreter. Not bad!”

Susie Schweigert, MA in Translation (2011)