Non-language Specific

TRNSLTN 710 Comparative Systems for Translation
3 cr. Graduate.
Comparative systems in society; how those systems relate to field of translation; how to make informed translation choices based on subtle differences in systems.

TRNSLTN 726 Computer-Assisted Translation
3 cr. Graduate.
Terminology and database management for translators. Students should know D2L, Microsoft Office Suite and Explorer, how to compress files, view invisibles, format, navigate file structures.

TRNSLTN 730 Internship in Translation/Interpreting
3 cr. Graduate.
Internship offering on-the-job experience to students in the graduate program in translation.

TRNSLTN 790 Thesis
1-6 cr. Graduate.
Independent study and research on a master's thesis under supervision of the student's advisory committee.

TRNSLTN 820 Translation Theory
3 cr. Graduate.
The role of translation in the development of languages, cultures, and societies; cultural and ideological forces shaping translations; contemporary theories of translation.