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Graduate Programs

Online and Onsite MA and Graduate Certificate Programs

Our programs are designed for traditional and non-traditional students, and may be completed entirely online or onsite. Students have a number of options for study in French, German, Russian or Spanish to English translation, as well as interpreting. We offer a 30-credit Master of Arts with a concentration in Translation, within which students may choose the professional or research track. We also offer a 21-credit graduate certificates in translation and in interpreting. Both the Graduate Certificates and the MA (professional or research track) can be earned in two academic years or within five years.

The interdisciplinary nature of Translation is reflected in our coordinated degree programs. It is possible to earn a dual Master’s in Translation and Interpreting Studies (TIS) and Master’s degree in Library & Information Sciences (MLIS) (51 credits). The TIS/MLIS degree may be completed onsite or entirely online. And we offer a dual Master’s in Translation and Interpreting Studies and Master’s in Business Administration (61 credits); the TIS/MBA degree may be completed onsite or partially online. These degrees can be earned in three academic years or within seven years.

Opportunities are Endless!

CNBC’s Kate Rogers takes a look at the demand for language services in the U.S. (in almost every field); she also reports on translator earning potential.