About Us

Being bilingual is not enough to be a successful translator. Professional translators must be experts in both source and target cultures, skilled readers of the source language and superb writers of the target language. In addition, they need expertise in an area of specialization and a solid grasp of the language-services industry.

Our Translation & Interpreting Studies programs are housed in an accredited, Tier 1 Research institution and offer professional translator and interpreter training in a dynamic environment. Students collaborate with faculty and classmates from around the world to develop the skills they need to succeed in a thriving international market. Learn how to translate and/or interpret, and how to be a language professional through using leading industry computer-assisted translation tools and completing internships that often lead to employment. Our program can prepare you to:

  • be an in-house translator
  • be a freelancer
  • be a translation company owner
  • specialize in your area of interest
  • pursue doctoral studies
  • develop your professional skills without pursuing a degree