Accelerated 5-Year BA/Masters Programs

Global Studies students who decide early in their college career that they would like to pursue graduate studies at UWM can choose from two options to complete both a BA and a master’s degree in five years. Two accelerated five-year programs are currently available:

  • Global Studies/Global Communications BA and MA in Translation and  Interpreting Studies
  • Global Studies/Global Management BA and MBA

In the first three years of these programs, students enroll in undergraduate-level courses, and then in year four, they begin taking courses that count towards their graduate degree requirements. Students benefit from a rigorous and targeted plan of study by being able to enter their chosen professional field sooner, and incurring one less year of undergraduate tuition.

Interested students should contact an advisor to discuss whether this program is a good fit and possible given their coursework already completed. Ideally, students will enter UWM in the first year knowing they wish to complete an accelerated five-year program. Students who meet the prerequisite course and program GPA requirements after the first semester of their junior year (cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better, and GPA of 3.5 or better in the courses counting towards the Global Studies BA, including their language courses) may be considered for admission to the Graduate School, to begin graduate studies in their fourth year if accepted.