Global Studies

Communication and Connection Across Borders and Cultures

Global. Local. Impact.

The Department of Global Studies offers a range of programs exploring globalization and cross-cultural connections. Students in the department pursue majors and minors in Arabic, Comparative Literature, French, Global Studies, Italian, and Japanese, developing international experiences and perspectives as well as advanced language skills that prepare them to build careers in a wide range of social and professional settings in the United States and abroad.

Arabic is the primary language of the Middle Eastern and North African region of the globe, with over 430 million speakers, and is designated a critical language by the U.S. government. Additionally, its spiritual significance resonates as the liturgical language for over 2 billion Muslims globally. The Arabic program offers six semesters of language instruction along with a minor, integrating Modern Standard Arabic with exposure to the Levantine dialect, enhancing career prospects in fields such as education, international development, diplomacy, security, business, and engineering.

Comparative Literature is the study of literature and other art forms across national and linguistic borders. Students of Comparative Literature explore and analyze writing across history and around the globe while developing a global and cross-cultural perspective on human expression. This cultural dexterity, paired with the critical thinking and interpretive skills developed within the major, prepares students for the kind of intercultural and transnational work vital to the 21st century workplace.

French is the official language of twenty-nine countries and spoken by more than 300 million people around the globe, the second-most used official language after English. Students in the French program examine French language and culture in a global context. Majors and minors develop advanced linguistic competency while developing the cultural training necessary to work or travel in the Francophone world and explore culture and society in a language that is central to art, business, and international relations.

The Global Studies program offers students a unique blend of courses across disciplines, in preparation for a career abroad or within the U.S. that crosses borders and cultures. Majors choose one of five tracks for the interdisciplinary program, specializing in Global Communications, Global Health, Global Management, Global Security, or Global Sustainability. Each track emphasizes the acquisition of leadership, systems thinking, and communication skills with an emphasis on language skills and experiential learning leading to an in-depth understanding of a particular set of global issues.

Italian is a beautiful language of global communication, business, technology, and the arts. More than 1,000 Italian companies operate in the United States and more than 7,000 American companies operate in Italy; countless artistic masterpieces have also been produced in Italian, so speaking and understanding Italian can be a valuable asset for both your career and for pleasure and enrichment. Majors and minors learn to speak, read, and write Italian while becoming familiar with Italy's cultural history and Italian influence across the globe.

Japan is a global leader in pop culture, technology, and business, and Japanese majors and minors graduate with the cultural and linguistic fluency to thrive in a Japanese environment. Students develop written and spoken Japanese to a high level while learning both Japanese cultural history and contemporary norms and etiquette. Graduates have gone on to utilize their linguistic and cultural fluency through employment in business, international relations, and education: our alumni are based in Southeast Wisconsin, across the United States, and abroad in Japan. 

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