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Recent Scholarly Work

Across our academic disciplines and often in collaboration, our faculty, academic staff, and students conduct research that adds to the world’s knowledge base. A few examples of some of our recent scholarly work include:

Sarah Davies Cordova: “Ina Césaire revisitée.” Présence Africaine: Revue culturelle du monde noir, vol. 199-200, 2020, pp. 11-26. 

Sarah Davies Cordova: Translator, Mère à Mère. Translation of Mother to Mother by Sindiwe Magona. Éditions Mémoire d’encrier, 2019. 

Sarah Davies Cordova and Antoinette Sol: “Le Romanesque: Zonzon Tête Carrée.” Présence Africaine: Revue culturelle du monde noir, vol. 199-200, 2020, pp. 27-44. 

Drago Momcilovic: “Music Video Gothic: Fragmentary Form at the Dawn of MTV.” Gothic Studies, vol. 23, no. 2, 2021, pp. 148-162. 

Robin Pickering-Iazzi: Translator, Tina, Mafia Soldier. Translation of Storia di Tina, soldato di mafia by Maria Rosa Cutrufelli. Soho Press, March 2023.  

Aragorn Quinn, “Mediated Laugher and The Limits of Realism: Laughing Letter and the Kinodrama Experiment in 1930s Japanese Performance”. In Realisms in East Asian Performance, edited by Katherine Saltzman-Li and Jessica Nakamura, University of Michigan Press, 2023, pp. 143-159.

Aragorn Quinn, Performing the Politics of Resistance in Modern Japan: Staging the ResistanceRoutledge, 2019.

Caroline Seymour-Jorn: Creating Spaces of Hope: Young Artists and the New Imagination in Egypt.  Cairo: American University in Cairo Press. 2021. 

Undergraduate Research

The Department of Global Studies works with the Language Resource Center to produce the PantherPlanet Podcast with funding from a U.S. Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center grant. Both undergraduate and graduate students can apply to be a podcast intern to research and produce episodes.

Resources for Teachers

We disseminate our research in many ways, directed toward multiple audiences, but we are always pleased to be able to share our research through pedagogical tools, presentations, and organizations that help other educators to develop and expand their curriculum on global topics and world languages.