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Accelerated master’s degrees (AMDs) allow high-achieving students to begin graduate-level work before completion of the undergraduate degree. By double-counting some credits for both the bachelor’s and the master’s degree, students can earn both in five years total instead of the usual six.

The curriculum is quite structured in an AMD – specific classes need to be taken at specific times – so early planning is critical to be able to benefit from the time savings built into the program. Students should begin planning in their first year and be prepared to start at an advanced level of a language other than English that same year.

Students begin the program working on the undergraduate coursework needed for the bachelor’s degree. By the third year, students are taking advanced undergraduate coursework and some graduate coursework at the same time.

Admissions to the AMD will be determined at the start of junior year and is dependent upon meeting the normal criteria for graduate school admissions such as GPA. Students who aren’t admitted to the AMD can continue on in the undergraduate program to earn just the bachelor’s degree as long as they are in good academic standing.

You can read more about AMDs and our FAQ via the UWM Graduate School website.

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Advantages of an Accelerated Masters Degree:

  • Cost Savings — finishing two degrees in five years instead of six saves one full year of tuition cost
  • Time Savings — completing both degrees a year early gets you started in your career faster
  • Boosted Salary — starting your career with a master’s degree can garner you a higher starting salary
  • Rigorous Curriculum — the pace and courses are well-suited to gifted and advanced students 
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The accelerated master’s degree in French and Francophone Studies (French, BA and French and Francophone Studies, MA) involves a maximum of 6 forward double-counting credits, and a maximum of 15 backward double-counting credits. Study abroad for a semester is recommended as part of this degree.  

The French undergraduate advisor is responsible for advising students in the accelerated program. The French graduate advisor is responsible for advising students admitted to the MALLT program. 

French and Francophone Language, Literature, and Culture Requirements

The following are the minimum course requirements for a concentration within the Standard Track:

Select two core seminars as a foundation in basic aspects of languages, literatures, and linguistics6
Select at least 15 graduate credits in French15
Select three courses in related areas to give the program breadth9
Total Credits30


The French Faculty Advisor works closely with students to develop an individual course of study that fulfills program requirements, prepares them to meet their professional and educational goals, and incorporates opportunities to use French outside of the classroom when possible, including during international study abroad experiences or internships. 

Letters & Science Advising

During your time at UWM, you may have multiple members of your success team, including advisors, peer mentors, and success coaches. Letters and Science students typically work with at least two different types of advisors as they pursue their degrees: professional College Advisors and Faculty Advisors. L&S College Advisors advise across your entire degree program while departmental Faculty Advisors focus on the major.

College Advisors are located in Holton Hall and serve as your primary advisor. They are your point person for your questions about navigating college and completing your degree. College Advisors will:

  • assist you in defining your academic and life goals;
  • help you create an educational plan that is consistent with those goals;
  • assist you in understanding curriculum, major and degree requirements for graduation, as well as university policies and procedures;
  • provide you with information about campus and community resources and refer you to those resources as appropriate; and 
  • monitor your progress toward graduation and completion of requirements.

Faculty Advisors mentor students in the major and assist them in maximizing their development in the program. You will begin working with a Faculty Advisor when you declare your major. Faculty Advisors are an important partner and will:

  • help you understand major requirements and course offerings in the department; 
  • explain opportunities for internships and undergraduate research and guide you in obtaining those experiences; and 
  • serve as an excellent resource as you consider potential graduate programs and career paths in your field.

Students are encouraged to meet with both their College Advisor and Faculty Advisor at least once each semester. Appointments are available in-person, by phone or by video. 

Currently enrolled students should use the Navigate360 website to make an appointment with your assigned advisor or call (414) 229-4654 if you do not currently have an assigned Letters & Science advisor. Prospective students who haven't enrolled in classes yet should call (414) 229-7711 or email let-sci@uwm.edu.

Students interested in this AMD typically aspire to work in a field requiring advanced French language skills or to continue their education with a PhD in French. With a MALLT degree concentrating in French and Francophone studies, graduates of this program may work in fields like education, communication, the arts, and business. 

Students are encouraged to supplement their classroom learning with experiential learning through relevant part-time jobs or internships. Experiential learning is built into the curriculum of the AMD but additional experiences will enhance a resume and better prepare students for their first professional job. 


Prospective Students (not yet enrolled at UWM)

Prospective students, contact our admissions counselor at let-sci@uwm.edu or 414-229-7711.

Current Students

General questions such as how to declare, how to change a major, general education requirements, etc. should be directed to the College advising office at ls-advising@uwm.edu or 414-229-4654.

Specific questions about French, such as research opportunities, internship opportunities, major requirements, etc., should be directed to Prof. Larry Kuiper.