Professional Track – MLIS

This coordinated degree is designed for those interested in pursuing specialized positions in libraries or other research entities, and language-services industry opportunities. This track can be completed in French, German, Russian or Spanish to English. Both portions of this dual degree are offered entirely online.


Total Credits Required

51 credits

Required Language-Specific Courses (6 credits)
  • Trnsltn xxx – Introduction to Translation in your language pair
  • Trnsltn xxx – Advanced Seminar in Translation in your language pair
Required Core Seminars (6 credits)
  • Trnsltn 709 – Literary & Cultural Translation, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 820 – Translation Theory, 3 credits
Required Non-Language-Specific Courses (9 credits)
  • Trnsltn 710 – Comparative Systems in Translation, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 726 – Computer Assisted Translation, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 730 – Internship in Translation, 3 credits
Ten MLIS Courses Approved by MLIS academic advisor (30 credits)

The Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) component of the coordinated degree programs includes 30 credits of SOIS courses. These include the following core courses:

  • InfoSt 501 - Foundations of Library and Information Science, 3 credits
  • InfoSt 511 - Organization of Information, 3 credits
  • InfoSt 571 - Information Access and Retrieval, 3 credits
  • InfoSt 799 - Introduction to Research Methods in Library and Information Science, 3 credits

The remaining 18 MLIS credits are selected from the School's offerings in accordance with the student's goals in the coordinated degree program.

Additional Information

Candidates are expected to fulfill the degree requirements of both graduate programs. Degrees are awarded simultaneously. Courses in related areas must be approved by the Chair of Translation & Interpreting Studies or the student’s major professor.

Comprehensive Examination & GPA Requirements

Students must earn a B or better to pass graduate-level courses. Students must also pass comprehensive examinations at the end of their studies. Graduate School requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for graduation.