TRNSLTN 530 – Business and Professional Aspects of Translation (3 units; G)
Practical knowledge needed to succeed as free-lance or in-house translators; marketing, advertising, negotiating as well as legal and tax issues.
TRNSLTN 700 – Consecutive Interpreting (3 units; G)
Professional protocols and practices of different modalities of consecutive interpreting; exercises for improvement of split-attention, short-term memory and information organization; ethical principles of interpreting profession.
TRNSLTN 711 – Ethics and Procedures in Interpreting (3 units; G)
Fundamentals of providing spoken language interpreting services in various settings.
TRNSLTN 720 – Topics in Translation: (1-3 units; G)
Advanced and specialized translation skills courses targeting the translation industry. Retakable w/chg in topic to 9 credit max.
TRNSLTN 727 – Project Management in Translation (3 units; G)
Principles of project management and quality assurance in the global language services industry; standards and techniques of effective project management for a variety of language service projects.
TRNSLTN 728 – Editing for Translation (3 units; G)
Translation industry standards and best practices for quality assurance. Students edit texts in English, applying style guides and implementing effective research techniques.