Research Track

The Research Track is designed for those interested in careers in academia, and can be completed in French, German, Russian or Spanish to English.


Total Credits Required

30 credits

Required Language-Specific Courses (6 credits)
  • Trnsltn xxx – Introduction to Translation in your language pair
  • Trnsltn xxx – Advanced Seminar in Translation in your language pair
Required Core Seminars (6 credits)
  • Trnsltn 709 - Literary Translation, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 820 - Translation Theory, 3 credits
Required Non-Language-Specific Courses (12 credits)
  • Trnsltn 710 - Comparative Systems, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 730 - Internship in Translation, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 790 - Thesis, 3-6 credits
  • A course in Critical Theory
Electives (6 credits)
  • One Translation course in another language
  • One course in Reading Literature in Translation: Case Studies
  • One course in Translation or other Critical Theory
  • One course in Literature in your source language
Second Concentration (15 credits if applicable)

Students completing a double concentration with Translation and another area of study must enroll in the 7 required courses listed above and 5 courses in their second concentration.

Comprehensive Examination

The student must pass both written and oral examinations, prepared and administered by an Examining Committee. The composition of the committee is approved by the Coordinating Committee. If the student fails the examination, s/he may repeat it once, but no sooner than three months from the date of the first examination.

Comparative Literature students must demonstrate a reading knowledge of a second language other than English prior to taking their Comprehensive Examinations. Reading knowledge may be demonstrated by coursework in the specific language program or by written examination, to be determined with the Major Professor.


Up to 6 graduate credits may be earned by presentation of a satisfactory thesis. The student’s Major Professor, in consultation with the student, will recommend the names of a Thesis Director and two readers who, upon approval by the Coordinating Committee, will constitute the ad hoc Thesis Committee.

GPA Requirements

Students must earn a B or better to pass graduate-level courses. Students must also pass comprehensive examinations at the end of their studies. Graduate School requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for graduation.

Time Limit

The student must complete all degree requirements within five years of initial enrollment.