Jennifer Flamboe, 2007

Jennifer Flamboe photoCurrent city: Greenfield, WI

Concentration: Spanish and Translation (double concentration)

Now I’m: Associate Professor – Alverno College; Spanish Interpreter II – Children’s Hospital; Owner & Linguist – Equalingua LLC

I came to Translation & Interpreting Studies because:
In college, I discovered my passion for language and culture. After graduation, I lived and worked in Latin America for a few years and realized the demand for interpreting and translation; however, in order to break into that field, a degree was required. When I relocated to the U.S., I jumped on the opportunity to obtain my Master’s in Translation, which at that time, was offered on-site at UW-Milwaukee.

What career advice do you have for current or potential TIS students?
Due to the increase in globalization, translation and interpreting is an emerging profession in the U.S. that has become better understood and appreciated by many industries. The advice I have is to be patient, yet persistent, in achieving your career goals. Summarize for yourself what you hope to accomplish and accept opportunities, volunteer or paid, that will lead you in that direction. Learning through experience is far more valuable than classroom exercises; plus, you never know whom you will meet or what connections might develop as a result of your involvement in extra-curricular activities and attendance at professional conferences or continuing education sessions.