Katrina R. Steffes, 2009

Katrina Steffes photoCurrent city: Aurora, IL

Concentration: Spanish to English Translation

Now I’m: The CEO of my own translation agency, Steffes & Associates Language and Translation (SALT).

I came to Translation & Interpreting Studies because:
I always enjoyed speaking and writing in Spanish and thought that I might want to seek a job as an interpreter. The TIS program offered the education and opportunities I needed to better understand the field and to prepare for my role as a translator and interpreter.

What career advice do you have for current or potential TIS students?
Continually seek experiences that utilize your language skills even if that position or experience is not ultimately your dream job. The experience you gain by using your developing skills and the networking contacts you make may prove invaluable to your future career goals. (For example, in order to practice my Spanish skills while studying, I worked at a Hispanic supermarket, at various not-for-profit agencies, as a receptionist, and as a legal assistant).