Wanis Shalaby, 2019

Current city: Milwaukee, WI

Concentration: Arabic<>English Translation

Now I’m: Still the Head of Salam School of Milwaukee (since 2007).

I came to Translation & Interpreting Studies because:
I have also been both a translator and an interpreter for the past 35 years. During my free-lancing side career, I have always felt the need to study translation as an art in itself. Completing the TIS program helped me fill the academic preparation gap I have always felt I had. Although best translators may not have graduated from translation programs, I may say that joining the TIS program made me a better translator and writer.

What career advice do you have for current or potential TIS students?
Translation is the art of understanding and expressing. Not only is a competent translator able to waltz between languages with facility but is also able to reconcile cultures. The way to that is full immersion in the cultures of languages he or she services.