Driving on University Sidewalks and Walkways

Unauthorized cars, trucks and delivery vehicles driving on UWM sidewalks and pedestrian walkways present an unacceptably dangerous situation for our approximately 25,000 student and 3,500 faculty and staff pedestrians on campus.

Each building on campus has a designated loading dock. All deliveries must be made to these locations. Contractors working on campus must purchase parking permits and park in designated locations. There are very few situations where a vendor or a University department cannot complete a delivery via a loading dock.

UWS 18.04 and 18.05 give authority to the University Police to ticket any unauthorized vehicles seen driving or parking on UWM sidewalks and walkways. If necessary the vehicle will be towed away. Authorized vehicles include only those which have been properly registered with the UWM Parking Office or the University Police.

Please note that delivery trucks, mail trucks, and state-owned vehicles are not considered authorized vehicles unless they are authorized by the UWM Parking Office or the University Police.

Please feel free to contact the UWM Parking Office at (414) 229-4000 or the University Police Department at (414) 229-4627 for authorization or if you should have any questions about the dangers of vehicles on UWM sidewalks and walkways.