Certificates of Insurance – Contractor/Vendor Requirements

The purpose of this program is to provide up-to-date insurance information on Vendors, Facility Users and Affiliates. As a condition of their contract with the University, such entities are required to keep on file a current Certificate of Insurance that meets the requirements of the University. Users of this program may verify insurance on any number of businesses and other entities that maintain some type of contractual relationship with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Standard Insurance Requirements:

The following Standard Insurance & Indemnification Requirements are UWM’s minimum requirements.

Contractor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System acting on behalf of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (hereinafter “UWM”), its officers, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, liability, costs, damages or expenses (including financial or consequential damages) of every kind and description or damage to persons or property occurring in connection with or in any way incidental to or arising out of the occupancy, use, service, operations or performance of work in connection with this contract, but only to the extent that such claims are caused by or result from the negligence, misconduct or other fault of the contractor, its officers, employees, agents, subcontractors or vendors.

Contractor agrees to protect itself and the UWM under the indemnity agreement set forth in the above paragraph. Contractor will at all times during the terms of this Contract keep in force and effect commercial general liability, automobile liability, excess/umbrella liability, worker’s compensation, and employer’s liability insurance policies issued by a company or companies rated A- or better by AM Best and authorized to do business in the State of Wisconsin with the following minimum limits of coverage;

On the Certificate of Insurance the contractor’s agent shall add the, “Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, its officers, employees, and agents” as an additional insured under the commercial general and excess/umbrella liability policies.  The certificate holder shall be listed as the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Commercial General Liability*

  • Each Occurrence $1,000,000
  • General Aggregate $2,000,000
  • Products – Comp/Op Agg $2,000,000

Automobile Liability*

  • Combined Single Limit  $1,000,000

Excess/Umbrella Liability

  • Each Occurrence  $1,000,000
  • Aggregate  $1,000,000

Worker’s Compensation

  • Statutory Limits

Employer’s Liability* 

  • Each Accident  $100,000 
  • Disease Each Employee  $100,000
  • Disease Policy Limit  $500,000  

*Or such higher limits sufficient for these insurance policies to be scheduled under the Umbrella policy.

Contractor shall give sixty (60) day advance written notice of non-renewal, cancellation, or expiration during the term of this Contract.  In the event of non-renewal, cancellation, or expiration, the contractor shall provide the University evidence of the new source(s) of required insurance within twenty-one (21) calendar days after the University’s receipt of the sixty (60) day notice. Failure to maintain the required insurance in force may be cause for contract termination.

The hold harmless, indemnity and insurance provisions of this contract shall survive the termination of this contract and shall remain operative until the time that all potential claims or potential civil actions by the parties or by third parties shall expire under existing law.

If any policies are written on a claims-made basis, Contractor shall not discontinue or change liability insurance policies in effect during any part of this contract without buying an extended reporting period to cover potential claims that may have occurred during the term of this agreement.

Upon execution of this Contract, the Contractor shall furnish UWM with a certificate of insurance, showing evidence of the above requirements.  Certificate must be submitted and approved by UW-Milwaukee before any work under this contract may begin.

Contractor shall notify UWM immediately upon the commencement of any litigation against Contractor where there is any possibility that UWM may be made a party thereto.

Specialized Insurance Requirements:

Use the Standard Insurance Requirements on all vendors, then ADD the following for “high risk” activities or contracts.

Catering/Alcohol/Food delivery:  Note:  When the Vendor is also in the business of manufacturing, distributing, selling, serving, or furnishing alcoholic beverages, then ADD: Liquor Liability   $1,000,000

Medical:   ADD: Professional  Liability  $1,000,000

Elevator Maintenance: Standard Insurance is all that is needed. No additional requirements.

Tower/Maintenance Services:  Standard Insurance is all that is needed.  No additional requirements.

Laundry Services:  Standard Insurance is all that is needed. No additional requirements.

Remodeling & Construction:  Standard Insurance is all that is needed.  No additional requirements UNLESS the work being performed deals with pollutants or hazardous materials including asbestos and lead, then ADD:  Contractor’s Pollution Liability  $1,000,000   

Transportation:  Standard Insurance is all that is needed.  For vehicles with passenger capacity above 15 ADD:  Excess/Umbrella Liability $4,000,000 and specify that Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System is included as an additional insured on the Automobile Liability policy.

Custodial Services (Pest Control):  ADD: Pollution Liability $1,000,000

Refuse Transport & Disposal:  Standard Insurance is all that is needed.  No additional requirements UNLESS the refuse being hauled is regulated waste or hazardous.

Please contact Risk Management to review requirements when contracting for Professional level services that fall outside the above cited categories (i.e. Engineering, Architecture, Legal, Banking, Leases, etc.).