Special Events

Campus Sponsored Events

University departments are covered by the State of Wisconsin Self Insured Liability Program for events on and off campus that are within the scope of their mission.  Certificate of Coverage can be issued from Risk Management when a third-party organization requires proof of insurance for an event or activity.


Obtain the following information from the person requesting the certificate of coverage and provide to the Risk Management Office at riskmgt@uwm.edu or call (414) 229-6339:

    1. Name and address of requester.
    2. Kind of coverage needed (i.e. General Liability, Auto Liability, Worker’s Compensation, Professional, or specialty).
    3. Description of who and what the coverage will apply to in detail (i.e., activity, department, and person’s name).
    4. Effective dates of coverage of up to three years for an ongoing situation, but only give the exact dates for events which are short term or one time only.

Departments requiring proof of insurance for campus sponsored events or assistance with their off-campus sponsored event should contact Risk Management.

Non-Campus Sponsored Events

Non-University individuals or groups hosting an event using University space are required to provide proof of liability insurance.  The use of UW-Milwaukee facilities for events not sponsored by UW-Milwaukee requires the following:

  • Certificate of Insurance with appropriate insurance coverage.
  • “Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, its officers, employees, and agents” as an additional insured under the commercial general and excess/umbrella liability policies.

Insurance coverage requirements may vary depending on event.  Minimum coverage requirements include:

Commercial General Liability Each Occurrence $1,000,000
Aggregate $2,000,000

Groups unable to provide insurance for an event may be able to utilize the Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) special events insurance program. This insurance is designed to cover lessees and vendors (tenants) who use University space but would not be covered under UW-Milwaukee’s liability program.  This insurance protects the University and the group against claims that the event caused an injury or property damage.

There is a charge based on the type of event, the number of days and the anticipated attendance. For more information, contact the Risk Management at riskmgt@uwm.edu or (414) 229-633