Driver Evaluation Criteria

Denial of Driver Authorization Applications or Loss of Existing Authorization to Drive

Denial of an application may occur if:

  • The applicant has 3 or more moving violations or “at fault” accidents within a 2-year period; no matter what state the accident happened in.
  • The applicant has had one or more of the following violations within the past 12 months:
    • An OWI or DUI violation within the past year
    • License has been reinstated for less than one year after revocation
    • Three or more moving violations and/or at-fault accidents in the past two years
  • The applicant only possesses an occupational license
  • The applicant has less than two years of driving experience
  • The applicant has had their license reinstated for less than one year.

Please note, drivers may lose their authorization to drive for the university if their license is not renewed.  If you would like to be authorized to drive, renew your license and then request reinstatement by sending an email message to the Risk Management Office.

Additional Information