Camps and clinics coordinators should be sure to complete the Youth Programs Checklist. The following manual concisely provides procedures and guidelines for conducting camps and clinics at UWM.

Procedures and Guidelines Manual for Camps and Clinics Coordinators

If camp or clinic attendee will be under the age of 18 while at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, it is camp policy to secure parental or guardian consent for medication distribution and for the use of medical devices. The medication or medical device can be self-administered or be administered by the Camp Health Supervisor.

All medications must be in a medicine bottle and labeled with the camper’s name, doctor’s name and phone number, medication name, and dosage. Parents or guardians must also complete the form below:

The following form should be completed by the parent or guardian of a camp or clinic participant in the event of an accident or injury:

The University of Wisconsin System Camps and Clinics Blanket Accident Insurance page provides a detailed explanation of procedures which campus coordinators should follow when using this program.

Child Abuse and Neglect Policy and Criminal Background Check Policy

In accordance with UWM’s Child Abuse and Neglect Policy and Executive Order #54, “Criminal background checks will be performed pursuant to UWM’s Criminal Background Check Policy (S-7-04), and must be conducted on employees, volunteers, and contractors who have regular contact with children in the course of performing duties or services for UWM or in connection with a UWM-sponsored activity.” This policy applies to those individuals affiliated with UWM camps and clinics. Click on the links above to view the two policies.

Minor Protection and Adult Leadership Policy

The Minor Protection and Adult Leadership Policy applies in all cases where minors are involved in activities at UWM or affiliated with UWM functions.  This policy is intended to protect the adults that are in contact with children.  Contact the Risk Management for more information on this policy.